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New 'Weeds' Season 7 Promo: Three Years Later

Nancy is getting out of prison, Andy plans to run a country, Silas is now a male model, and Shane has an issue about having his own baby. //

'Weeds' Season 7 trailer: Nancy has a new bag of tricks

Nancy Botwin has faced some challenges on Showtime's "Weeds," but this season she starts out on her own and she's in a New York state of mind when Season 7 premieres Monday, June 27 at 10 p.m. ET.You may have seen the trailers running on Showtime, but Zap2it has an exclusive extended trailer that hasn't aired yet. It's a great recap of where we find our characters after Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker) puts "Plan C" into motion. Fast forward to three long years later and she's getting out of prison to serve the rest of her sentence in a New York City halfway house. The guys haven't been just coolin' their heels waiting for her in Copenhagen. Life goes on after all. And that life includes guest star Jennifer Jason Leigh who plays Nancy's estranged sister.But, don't count her out yet. Nancy apparently has a whole new bag of tricks in Season 7!Watch our exclusive trailer below:... //

Weeds Clan to "Quickly Mobilize" on Season 7

We know some new blood will show up on season seven of Weeds , specifically in the form of veteran actors Aidan Quinn and Martin Short. But what about our old group of drug dealers? Series creator Jenji Kohan tells Entertainment Weekly that the final season of her Showtime hit will pick up with Nancy in a halfway house and her family returning from Copenhagen. Read More... //

WEEDS Season 7 New “Bring It On” Poster

Check out the new "Bring It On" poster for Season 7 of  WEEDS   which premieres Monday, June 27th at 10PM ET/PT. Synopsis:   Pot-selling single mom turned Mexican mafia princess turned escape artist Nancy Botwin turned herself in to the FBI rather than face certain death at the hands of her vengeful ex Esteban and his goon squad. It’s now three years later and Nancy is sprung from the joint and making a fresh start in New York City. Will Nancy be able to successfully reunite her far-flung family and keep her hands clean? Read More... //

Martin Short, Aidan Quinn to Be Among Weeds Guest Stars

Martin Short, Aidan Quinn and  Grosse Pointe 's Lindsay Sloanewill be among the actors with multi-episode arcs on  Weeds' seventh season. When the show returns, it will have jumped ahead three years, with Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker) and company in New York. Short is set to play a lawyer for no fewer than three Big Apple-set episodes. Quinn will stick around for at least four episodes, playing the CEO of an investment firm. Sloane has signed on for six shows playing a conceptual artist;  Ghost Whisperer 'sDavid Clennon will play her husband. Read More... //

Weeds: Casting for a Love Interest

We already know that Andy will have a love interest on the final season of Weeds , one played by Lindsay Sloane. But it looks like he won't be the only one getting some: the show is casting for a 50-something male named Kline. The character will be a recurring hedge fund CEO who cozies up to Nancy and debuts on episode four this summer. What else can we spoil about season seven? Based on this premiere shot, Nancy will be free and happy in the Big Apple when we meet her again on June 27... //

Lindsay Sloane to Appear on Final Season of Weeds

Lindsay Sloane is coming on board the final season of Weeds . The funny actress, most recently seen on Mr. Sunshin e, will portray a love interest of Andy's on the Showtime hit. Sloane will appear on at least six episodes as Maxeen, a conceptual artist in New York. Weeds returns on June 27 for its concluding run. TV Fanatic will cover every installment with a detailed review. //