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Tonight's TV Hot List: Friday, Jan. 29, 2010 - Featured

* Smallville (8/7c The CW ) It's not a happy reunion for Oliver when his former teacher, The Dark Archer (Steve Bacic), comes to town with revenge on his mind. He sets his sights on Lois and Chloe and even kidnaps Mia (Elise Gatien), but it's clear the Dark Archer didn't count on these ladies having more than one superhero to watch their backs. With Oliver on the verge of crossing the line, it's up to Clark to save the day. * Dollhouse (8/7c Fox) While it may seem like Echo won the war against Rossum two weeks back, fans who've seen "Epitaph 1" (the "lost" episode from the Season 1 DVD set) know better. By 2019, due to the personality-imprinting tech, chaos reigns supreme. Tonight's series finale, set a year later, picks up that thread, with Echo and pals battling to restore order to the world and save humanity from extinction. (Or do they? Could the series' final story arc simply be Attic-housed mental machinations? We'll see.) * Caprica (9/8c Syfy ) If you think the growing pains of becoming a teenager can be rough, imagine enduring them while trapped inside a cumbersome robot's body. While Zoe's avatar tries to cope with being the first Cylon, Lacy dines with the mysterious headmistress Clarice, and young Will Adama spends the day with his bad influence of an uncle. But it's grieving Amanda who steals the show by picking the worst time to have an epiphany. * What Not to Wear (9/8c TLC ) Stacy London and Clinton Kelly are on a mission to make America more stylish - one fashion victim at a time. To celebrate their momentous 250th episode, the fierce and funny hosts are staging a wardrobe intervention on a tour bus in Times Square. Their target: Crizti Walsh, a 40-year-old radio DJ who regularly breaks a cardinal rule of fashion by refusing to dress her age. And to provide inspiration, more than a dozen former cases who've made dramatic transformations have been invited along for the ride. * Track and Field (8/7c ESPN2) In an acknowledgment that indoor track may be slipping a bit off the radar of casual sports viewers, organizers of the 103rd Millrose Games have assembled former Super Bowl stars as an intriguing warm-up act at Madison Square Garden. David Tyree, Tim Dwight and 49-year-old Willie Gault are in the blocks for the inaugural Super 60 sprint, a brief diversion from world-class headliners like leggy high jumper Blanka Vlasic, hurdler Terrence Trammell, pole vaulter Jenn Suhr and U.S. distance star Bernard Lagat, who aims for an eighth Wanamaker Mile win that would break his tie with the legendary "chairman of the boards," Eamonn Coghlan. Source Here

Tonight's TV Hot List: Friday, Jan. 15, 2010 - Featured

* Sanctuary (9/8c Syfy ) A cult sounds intuitively scary; a cult that can foretell disasters sounds scarier; and when a murder gets linked to a group called the Cult of Kali, it sounds even scarier. Magnus, Will and Kate set out for Mumbai, India, to investigate the slaying, but Will gets waylaid by a mysterious illness in the two-hour Season 2 finale. * Law & Order (8/7c NBC) If a nobody was exposed for having a string of workplace affairs, the range of scrutiny would be narrow unless somebody famous was in the mix. When it happens to a celebrity, like, say, David Letterman or Tiger Woods, it generates headlines, Web searches and jokes for late-night comedians. The dirty secrets of a talk-show host (Samantha Bee) are revealed during Lupo and Bernard's investigation of a murdered journalist. * 15th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards (9/8c VH1) Actress-singer Kristin Chenoweth hosts the 15th annual ceremony, presented by the Broadcast Film Critics Association. Kevin Bacon, who won the gala's first Best Actor award in 1995 and is said to be linked to every other thespian by no less than six degrees of separation, receives the Joel Siegel Award. This prize recognizes a star for using celebrity as a platform to do good works for others. Nick Jonas and the Administration are the house band for the event. * What Not to Wear (9/8c TLC ) Fashion police Stacy London and Clinton Kelly head to Salem, Mass., to put a witch's bad style on trial. Her all-black wardrobe is overflowing with costumey capes, corsets and pointy hats that are more fitting for a Halloween party than a PTA meeting, so the fashionista hosts set out to give this Wiccan a look that's more appropriate for the 21st century. * Numb3rs (10/9c CBS) Are Don and Robin getting married? Don thinks they should, and he tells Robin that tonight. Charlie and Amita are definitely getting hitched, but they can't agree on a wedding date. As for the main case, 5000 high-caliber weapons that are capable of shooting through cars are stolen, and some of them are linked to a series of random murders throughout Los Angeles. Source Here

Tonight's TV Hot List: Friday, May 29, 2009

* Don't Forget the Lyrics! (8 pm/ET Fox) The Wayne Brady-hosted music gamer welcomes Howard Stern's producer (and frequent target of abuse), Gary Dell'Abate, aka Baba Booey, who faces the music in a lyrical test for charity. Baba won't go bye-bye without a fight. Singer Mark McGrath of the rock band Sugar Ray, no stranger to remembering lyrics, is on hand to offer help. There's a profound element to tonight's game as Dell'Abate tries to raise money for LIFEbeat, a music-industry charity in the fight against AIDS. Dell'Abate's brother, Steven, died of AIDS in 1991. *Nature's Most Amazing Events (8 pm/ET Discovery Channel) Since the word "Arctic" handily lends itself to bleak, wintry images, it's easy to forget that summer heads north, too. This stunning six-part wildlife documentary series begins with an examination of the lively conditions warm weather brings to the region, from aerial views of the unicorn-like narwhals to gravity-defying shots of guillemot chicks leaving sea cliffs for their first flights. And while the longer days also do favors for foxes and beluga whales, the thaw is no picnic for the average (polar) bear. Other locales visited in subsequent episodes of the series include Botswana and the Pacific Northwest. *Un-Broke: What You Need to Know About Money (9 pm/ET ABC) Economics might be a dismal science (these days particularly), but that doesn't mean that a personal-finance primer must be dull. Besides, who needs Nobel laureates to teach you about the stock market when you have the Jonas Brothers? And Will Smith (who's probably richer than you are) talking business with finance execs? Also on hand are Rosario Dawson, Seth Green, Samuel L. Jackson, Christian Slater and Sesame Street's Oscar the Grouch. Good Morning America's Mellody Hobson hosts. * The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (11:35 pm/ET NBC) After taking over hosting duties from Johnny Carson on May 25, 1992, Jay Leno prepares to pass the torch to his successor, Conan O'Brien. Fittingly, then, O'Brien is the last guest to take a seat on Leno's couch before he takes the helm of the show on June 1. James Taylor is also scheduled to perform tonight. Taylor will kick off a European tour in late June before heading back to the U.S. for a series of shows in September. * What Not to Wear (9 pm/ET TLC) In the early '90s, Blossom star Mayim Bialik was famous for her cute and quirky style - not to mention those hats! But in 2009, her hippie-granny look fails to impress hosts Clinton Kelly and Stacy London. So in the Season 7 opener, the fierce fashionistas are heading to New York City to ambush the former child actress and stage a wardrobe intervention. Source Here