Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?
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Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?

"Retribution (2): In Memoriam"

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Zack and Ivy escape Maelstrom's ship and find out that Carmen still believes that Maelstrom died in his try to escape from the prison. Carmen wants to give him a worthy Viking-like funeral in Norway. Zack and Ivy find her beginning to give him such a funeral and are about to tell her that Maelstrom is alive when Maelstrom appears in a ship beside Carmen. He challenges her to come after him or die, and then speeds off. Carmen manages to get Zack and Ivy aboard her ship and they make an agreement to join forces to capture Maelstrom. Carmen remembered a clue he left, so she and the detectives follow it to Williamsburg Virginia where Maelstrom captures them and publicly humilates them in the stocks of the town square. Zack and Ivy escape and help Carmen do so as well. They get separated and the local police arrest the detectives for freeing Carmen!
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