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Wicked City Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Should I Stay or Should I Go

Who is Vera Bennett and why is she so important to Kent? That was the question presented to us on Wicked City Season 1 Episode 3 , as Detectives Roth and Contreras decided to focus on the woman who they believe to be Kent's first kill. So who was she to Kent?   Read More...   //www.tvfanatic.com/2015/11/wicked-city-season-1-episode-3-review-should-i-stay-or-should-i/

Wicked City Season 1 Episode 2 Review: “Running With The Devil”

Ed Westwick gives a devious performance as a serial killer, but it is Erika Kristensen’s portrayal of Betty’s slow burning acceptance of the way he lives his life that will save Wicked City. Kent and Betty have their first kill together, but it’s not the way you’d expect. They talk the woman they left the club with in the last episode, Mallory, into a threesome, complete with the bondage Kent used on Betty last week. This time Betty reenacts all of Kent’s methods on Mallory, complete with a much too comfortable feeling of holding a butcher knife. Kent has every intention of making Mallory his next victim by offering to take her home, but he accidentally falls asleep in Betty’s arms. Kent knows what it would mean if detectives got to question Mallory, so he has to move fast if he’s going to keep the situation contained. READ MORE...

Wicked City Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Running With the Devil

Poor Mallory. I thought for sure she'd live through the end of the episode. It turns out that Kent hasn't quite turned nurse Betty into a killer yet. On Wicked City Season 1 Episode 2 , an exciting game of cat and mouse took place between Kent and the detectives who desperately wanted to save the wannabe movie star before she could meet her end. Unfortunately for Mallory, Kent arose victorious, and she didn't make it to the end. In case you're keeping count, that's two, two dead victims. (Mwah,ah ahhh...)   Read More...   //www.tvfanatic.com/2015/11/wicked-city-season-1-episode-2-review-running-with-the-devil/


On Tuesday, October 27th, at 10/9c, ABC longs to take you back to the early '80s Hollywood glam rock scene for the first season (that is, if there's more to come) of a new anthology series called Wicked City. A ham-fisted, paper thin "cat and mouse" cop series featuring a bunch of great performers who deserve much better material. The idea behind Wicked City, we can presume, is that each future season would track a different murder case in a different city and era. Here, the 1982 Sunset Strip "scene" is projected with such tired tackiness, and lands with such an unsubtle thud, that it makes so much of what you're watching a chore. Sure, there's smirk value in hearing a few notable tunes from the era creep in, but you're not going to hear a few. You're going to watch an entire soundtrack in 40 minutes. Three Billy Idol songs, some Joan Jett, a Soft Cell track, as well as many more. Enough to choke the life out of any story and make you wish you were just listening to a Spotify playlist. READ MORE...

Wicked City Season 1 Episode 1 Review: “Pilot”

The Sunset Strip, 1982. Drugs, sex, and rock and roll make up the identity of Los Angeles at this time, but it’s the frequent murders that set the tone for Wicked City. This is where we meet Kent, a charismatic serial killer. His signature line is "Kill me, I like giving back."He means that literally. Kent’s latest kill pattern is to pick up a girl on the strip, make a dedication to her on the radio, drive her to a secluded place and then stab the girl while she is tending to his "needs." Kent then goes home and has his way with the body before dumping it and babysitting a neighbor’s daughter the next day. READ MORE...

Wicked City Series Premiere Review: Murder on the Sunset Strip

ABC's latest anthology drama wanted to be edgy, but it was just bad.   Read More... //www.tv.com/news/wicked-city-series-premiere-review-murder-on-the-sunset-strip-144598324507/

Wicked City Season 1 Episode 1 Review: Pilot

Hi, Id like to make a dedication, please. Id like to dedicate Wicked City Season 1 Episode 1 to everyone whos got a wild side that they keep hidden. To those who find some sadistic joy in squishing bugs. And to those who find pleasure in others pain. Okay, maybe you arent quite that intense and just like a good drama with sex, drugs, rock and roll, and murder.   Read More...   //www.tvfanatic.com/2015/10/wicked-city-season-1-episode-1-review-pilot/

Wicked City Premiere: Will You Take a Second Stab At ABC's Killer Drama?

Kent Grainger (Ed Westwick,Gossip Girl) is a man of many allegedtrades: arecord label executive, a talent agent to the stars, and most importantly, a secret admirer. In ABCs Wicked City, the CW alum plays a copycat serial killer in the drug-fueled murder capital of the world 1982 Los Angeles where, much like Billy [] //tvline.com/2015/10/27/wicked-city-series-premiere-recap-ed-westwick-abc/

Wicked City Is Wicked Lousy

  You've got to hand it to Wicked City . The show certainly paid for the rights to use lot of '80s songs. Just a bunch of 'em, really crammed in there. That's about all you have to give it credit for, though, because everything else in ABC's new serial-killer drama is as by-the-book as it comes. Does a cop say "Whaddaya got?" as he ducks under yellow caution tape to approach a dead woman's body? He does. Do they refer to this woman as "our girl"? Of course. Does it pass the Bechdel test? Ha, of course not.   Read More... //www.vulture.com/2015/10/wicked-city-is-wicked-lousy.html

Wicked City Review: ABC Serial Killer Drama Loves L.A., Hates Women

When a serial killer brutally claims the lives of unsuspecting women as they perform sexual favors for him, its not wicked. It is vile and sadistic. So not only is ABCs new thrill-killing drama Wicked City the victim of an ungainly misnomer, but also unimaginative, misogynistic writing. Ed Westwickof Gossip Girl fame stars as Kent, a handsome psychopath who violently murders and dismembers naive women he meets at the Whisky a Go-Go club on the Sunset Strip.But just as hes about to claim the life of his latest conquest Betty (Erika Christensen, Parenthood), an act of fate intervenes and Kent learns they have more in commonthan he thought. Suddenly impressed and intrigued, Kent spares her life and slowly but surely recruits Betty to become his stab-happy soulmate.  Read More... //www.thewrap.com/wicked-city-review-abc-serial-killer-drama-loves-l-a-hates-women/