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Will & Grace Season 9 Finale Recap: Pairing Up and Doubling Down

As Thursdays Will & Grace brought down the curtain on the sitcoms Season 9, the besties were in total agreement: We gotta make some changes! But the funny thing was, the episode already had dished out some humongous changes for the roomies and, for that matter, for Jack and Karen, too. What had left []

Will & Grace Review: This Is Moist Unfortunate

There’s something to be said for creating your own reality. It’s the things we tell ourselves to make ourselves feel better. Ranging anywhere from "these pants don’t make my butt look big" to Will’s "it’s not going to happen" on election night. We tell ourselves many, many things to stay happy. Inevitably, the truth plants itself right on top of our false reality bubble, popping the illusion that what you were doing was a good idea. Will & Grace are learning that through their professional relationship, while Jack and Karen…stay in their bubble, because they are Jack and Karen. READ MORE...

Will & Grace Recap: All You Can Cheat

Most people would balk at being the other woman. But not Will & Graces Jack. As his one-month anniversary with Drew approached in Thursdays episode, he declared, Theres nothing better than being with a closeted married man! But was that true, even for him? Or was he merely perpetuating what Will called an ancient gay []

Will & Grace Review: The Ex Whose Wedding Almost Destroyed

There is no universe in which going into an ex’s wedding is a good idea. Perhaps if the relationship tapered off around middle school, or didn’t last more than a few days or months. But if your significant other of five years invites you to his wedding, there is no significant reason to attend. All the same, Will’s ex-boyfriend Vince returns to Will & Grace. Whether it’s to be courteous or to have someone who was an important part of his life there for his big day, Vince thinks inviting Will and the gang to his wedding is a good idea. In the end does Will’s presence make a difference to either his or Vince’s need for closure? After so many years apart, Will could be happy for Vince’s marriage. Except that the entire reason Vince and Will broke up is that Vince supposedly had commitment issues. Of course, this annoys and hurts Will. Which makes Grace right (for once). Nothing good ever came from going to an ex’s wedding. As desperate as Will is to find out why Vince is so ready for a commitment now, Grace assures him that he doesn’t want to know the answer. As suspected, that answer is painful. Vince reveals to Will, during what is supposed to be the toast moment in the program, that Will is too knit-picky. Will’s constant criticisms made Vince feel inferior, and that’s why he couldn’t commit. Grace can handle Will because she does the same thing. READ MORE...

Will & Grace Recap: Wedding Hells

I do, said Will in Thursdays Will & Grace. But, since the question was, Do you want to go to your exs nuptials? he probably would have had an easier time of it had he just answered, I dont. Read on, and well review the something old (flames), something new (Jacks flirtation du jour), something []

Will & Grace Review: Who’s Obsessed With Who, Now?

Will & Grace‘s revival has reinvigorated plenty of laughter, but in order to do that, the show had to scrap almost every plot point from its final season. The most important element that had to be scrapped was Grace and Will’s now imaginary children. In our new Will & Grace world, they never had kids. Instead they went back to being best friends living together who had to sit through 40 minutes staring at pictures of other people’s children. When these people aren’t driving them crazy, Will and Grace drive each other crazy – all day and all night. The idea of working together sounded like a good one at the time, but there are a few bumps. Will is a good businessman, who in an ideal world would bring balance to Grace’s flighty business antics, such as bringing in unqualified staff on a whim. Their dear friend Larry needed something to do after his daughter went off to college. I’m not sure what Grace was expecting, but Larry announcing that he’s working at Adler designs because he’s in love with Will was not one of them. Grace immediately fires Larry to protect everyone, but it would have been nice if she communicated to her partner the reason why. After some unintended awkwardness and nakedness, Larry realizes he’s better off with his husband than anywhere near the middle of Will and Grace. READ MORE...

Will & Grace Recap: Is Val Bassett Still Crazy After All These Years?

Did somebody order a heaping helping of loco? Because one was certainly delivered in Thursdays Will & Grace. Not only did Jack, ahem, bump into his onetime stalker Val Bassett (guest star Molly Shannon), but after all these years with Joe, Will and Graces old pal Larry lost his head over Will! What the what?!? []

Will & Grace Recap: Bread Over Heels

Hope cutting down on carbs wasnt your New Years resolution: Guest star Nick Offermans Bad Boy of Bread was on the menu in Thursdays episode of Will & Grace, the NBC hitcoms first since its Christmas special. How did the titular besties handle the fact that they were both dating the same man? Well, first []

Will & Grace Christmas Special Review: There’s Always Hope

It’s "A Gay Olde Christmas" on Will & Grace! Unfortunately, gay does not (additionally) mean happy for Will this holiday season. The world is dark, getting darker, and Will only feels it will get worse. Who can blame him? The only thing Will can look forward to on the holiday is to not be surrounded by his family. What will change Will’s bah humbug attitude? A little trip a hundred years into the past might do the trick. At the very least, Will is convinced that things in the past were not all Silver Bells and Figgy Pudding. The way Will sees it, to be a gay man in 2017 was nothing to be thankful for. No amount of tinsel or Karen-spiked eggnog can put Will in a jolly mood. He even takes it out on Santa, "another old white perv we once trusted". Talk about Scrooge. Will doesn’t need Christmas cheer, he needs a wake-up call. A trip to the past might do the trick. READ MORE...

Will & Grace Recap: Christmas Presence

Aw, Will & Grace! You shouldnt have! Already this year, the revival had given us everything we could have hoped for (its existence) and more (its fabulousness). And on top of that, Tuesday it presented us with A Gay Olde Christmas, a holiday episode spiked with just enough optimistic perspective to add a little ho []