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Will & Grace Review: NBC's Revival Is as Funny as You Hoped, Maybe Funnier

Two things you should probably know before diving into this review: 1. It was with some trepidation that I sat down to watch NBCs reboot of Will & Grace (premiering Thursday, Sept. 28, at 9/8c). I had loved the original series but drifted away from it well before its 2006 finale, when it began to [] //

This ended way too early --Bring it back!

This show is probably one of the wittiest sitcoms I've ever watched. The characters blend together with harmony and chemistry in a way that gets you hooked. I laugh my guts off even on reruns. These guys crack me up all the time! Whenever I'm feeling down, I simply pop in a W&G DVD! My favorite character has to be Karen Walker, I just love her highly-pitched voice, along with the fact that she's high and drugged most of the time! This show should have lasted a few more seasons. Season 8 was hilarious. Bathroom humor and Von-Trapped were two of the best episodes! The finale was a little disappointing though. Not even a day goes by without me watching an episode or two!