Witch Hunter Robin

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Witch Hunter Robin

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Mondays, 7:00 PM EST
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1 Seasons, 26 Episodes
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Witch Hunter Robin is a Japanese anime series created by Sunrise. It follows the STN-J, the Japanese branch of a secret global organization called "SOLOMON" that fights the harmful use of witchcraft, using a database of those who have (or inherited from their parents) the power of witchcraft in order to arrest or eliminate them should their powers "awaken". The series focuses on one of the STN-J's members, Robin Sena.


The Eyes of Truth

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Robin is surprised to learn that the Inquisitor who test her has arrived in Japan to test a new potential Hunter. As Robin watches the Inquisitor test the candidate, Shiro Masuda, she is reminded of her own inquisition. She finds that there is a thin line

Episode Reviews

by mmfollower

Nov 01, 2014

lovely from start till end, giant complex story that you will just love

by derekbery

Jul 18, 2014

The Gundam series all have compelling story lines. Gundam Wing was my introduction to the genre and therefore stands as my favourite. With amazing machines, interesting themes, and an array of real characters, Gundam Wing is a great watch for all.

by LadyAuska

Feb 28, 2015

This is one of the best mecha animes out there. Great storylines. Great characters. It keeps you wanting more and is fairly unpredictable and believable. The writers really took their time to put effort into the plot. My favorite of all the gundam series.