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Witchblade The Complete Series Review

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers) Based on the US comic property from Top Cow Productions that began back in the 1990's, Witchblade is a twenty-four episode TV series by Gonzo that takes the concept and runs with it in its own way. It's been an age since I read the original comic, and only the first dozen or so issues at that when Image Comics was all the rage, and I liked it but it came at a time I was starting to fall out of that particular hobby. Witchblade is an ideal property to adapt into anime since it's built around multiple wearers throughout time and that keeps it pretty open for interpretation. We reviewed the series as it was released in individual volumes so for a more detailed breakdown, do check out those reviews. This is the first time I watched it in marathon form though and it certainly has a different feel and there are different areas that are worth talking about. Witchblade takes place in a relative near future in Japan where it's six years since the Great Earthquake occurred which essentially leveled much of Tokyo. There's been a lot of progress since then and a good deal of the city is back in shape, but there are continual areas of rebuilding going on and a lot of it is still underwater, such as where we see Tokyo Tower leaning to the side on a small piece of land that hasn't quite submerged yet. The Tokyo of Witchblade is one that has both the past and the future within it. To Read More Click Me!


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