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Cancelphobia: A Serious Condition Affecting Millions of Americans

I’ve recently been meeting more and more people who appear to be affected by a new phenomenon I’d like to dub "cancelphobia." People suffering from chronic cancelphobia refuse to start a new TV show because they’re simply too afraid it will be cancelled by the end of its first season—or even sooner. First I would like to send a message to people with cancelphobia: this is not your fault . You’ve contracted this condition as a direct result of the four major broadcast networks ( NBC , ABC , CBS , and FOX ). While these networks provide America with the bulk of its most popular primetime sitcoms and dramas, in years as of late, they have adopted policies not unlike that of the late, great warriors of Sparta. In Sparta, if a child was born weak or sick, rather than care for said child and raise it, they would—quite literally— chuck it off a cliff and leave it to the wolves . Major networks, with their ruthless, cannibalistic ways have had a deeply negative effect on television audiences; people are just too afraid to get attached to a show, in case it’s abandoned and fed to the wolves. Now I could go deep into the reasoning behind the networks’ ruthless decisions to cancel shows, and explain why they have all adopted these similar, highly competitive and unforgiving policies, but that’s not why I’m writing this. No, I’m here to (metaphorically) pat you on the back and tell you it’s going to be OK, and provide you with a piece of advice that might help: Keep watching TV! To fight your cancelphobia, remember why it is that you watch television in the first place. Your condition is telling you that it isn’t worth the pain of getting attached to a show only to have it be pulled out from under you, but I ask you this: isn’t it? You, like I, love television; that’s why you’re a member of SideReel. You love the suspense, the action, the laughter, and most of all, the emotion that comes from watching the characters you root for week after week. You love to support potential onscreen romances like #Casket or #Olicity . You love to tweet your favorite celebrities’ compliments in the hope that they’ll send you a two-word reply. How can you receive any of these great 21st century gifts if you choose not to start watching a show? Yes, it may very likely be cancelled, and quite frankly, going by the numbers alone, it probably will be—but that doesn’t matter! Enjoy it while it lasts, like Cadbury Mini Eggs™ . They only come out at Easter, and it’s that exclusivity that helps make them as phenomenal as they are. Let me ask you this: Do you think Firefly would be the cult classic it has become if hadn’t been canceled? Was it not worth it to watch those 14 episodes if only to know what everyone was talking about? Of course it was worth it! So I ask you, not for my sake, but for your own, keep watching television, and banish cancelphobia forever.

Witches of East End Canceled by Lifetime After Two Seasons

Lifetime has put an end to Witches of East End. The hour-long supernatural drama was canceled on Tuesday, a spokesman for the network told TheWrap . The series, which starred Jenna Dewan, Julia Ormond , Rachel Bostonand Mdchen Amick as a family of witches, was based on Melissa de la Cruz's novel of the same name. Co-stars included Eric Winter, Christian Cooke andDaniel DiTomasso. Witches of East End was producedby Fox 21 and executive-produced by Maggie Friedman, Jonathan Kaplan, Erwin Stoff and Josh Reims.   Read More... //www.thewrap.com/witches-of-east-end-canceled-by-lifetime-after-two-seasons/

I'll Miss My Bitches of East End

I know I'm not the only one that was devastated  when it was announced that Lifetime had canceled Witches of East End after only two seasons. NO! WHY? How can you keep True Tori (no offense, Tori) and dump this show?  Bah. I'll miss so much really, but in particular...   3. Whose ridiculous accent will I mock, if not Julia Ormond's own strange amalgam of American and British English?:                         2. Everyone is beautiful on this show, but Freya is GORGEOUS:                                   1. SO MANY CLIFFHANGERS!!! [[ Spoilers ]]                         Who is Ingrid's baby daddy? How will Wendy get out of hell? Who (in actual hell) is the third sister a.k.a. The Gatherer? Will Freya ever figure out that Dash is in Killian's body (where's your soul vision now, girl)? Is Frederick dead forever or is some other lost relative powerful enough to bring him back? Perhaps signing this petition will convince Lifetime to right this grievous wrong, or better yet, encourage Yahoo! to save the day. Hey, it worked for Community , right?  In the meantime, watch the only two seasons of Witches of East End  (waaaah) today on Amazon , Google Play , or  iTunes .   Zaz is the Sr. Product Manager for SideReel and doubles as an editor over lunch. Follow her on Twitter for occasional musings and product announcements.

Witches of East End Won't Resolve Its Cliff-Hangers Because It's Canceled

  Witches of East End fans, you best get out your eye of newt and toe of frog (and maybe some angry-letter writing skills) because Lifetime has canceled the supernatural drama after two seasons,  TVLine  reports.       //www.tvguide.com/News/Witches-Of-East-End-Canceled-1088699.aspx?rss=breakingnews

Witches of East End Season 2 Finale 2014 “For Whom the Spell Tolls”

Witches of East End  “For Whom the Spell Tolls” Season 2 Finale 2014 airs Sunday October 5 at 9/8c. Episode Synopsis :  Season 2 Episode 13 “For Whom the Spell Tolls” – Joanna tries to escape from Tarkoff. Freya and Wendy race to find a way back to the present. Ingrid learns shocking news about herself from King Nikolaus. Dash’s dark past closes in on him. Killian tries to stay alive. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2014/10/05/witches-east-end-season-2-finale-2014-box-future-spell-tolls/

Witches of East End Season 2 Episode 12 “Box to the Future”

Witches of East End  “Season 2 Episode 12 “Box to the Future” airs Sunday October 5 at 9/8c. Episode Synopsis : Witches of East End Season 2 Episode 12 “Box to the Future” – As Joanna attempts to travel back to the present, a dangerous admirer tracks her down in the past. Killian makes a rash decision after hearing about Freya. Frederick becomes suspicious of Ingrid’s intentions. King Nikolaus propositions Dash. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2014/10/05/witches-east-end-season-2-finale-2014-box-future-spell-tolls/

Witches of East End Season 2 Episode 11 “Poe Way Out”

Witches of East End  “Poe Way Out” Season 2 Episode 11 airs Sunday September 28 at 9/8c. Episode Synopsis : “Poe Way Out” – Joanna, Freya and Wendy revisit one of their past lives. Dash’s one night stand turns out to be someone interesting. Ingrid tries to bond with her grandfather. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2014/09/28/witches-east-end-season-2-episode-11-poe-way/

Witches of East End Season 2 Episode 10 “The Fall of the House of Beauchamp”

Witches of East End  “The Fall of the House of Beauchamp” Season 2 Episode 10 airs Sunday September 21 at 9/8c. Episode Synopsis : “The Fall of the House of Beauchamp” – Joanna is devastated by Tarkoff’s actions and tries to take drastic measures. Dash’s secrets start to come out. Wendy and Joanna reconnect with their father. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2014/09/21/witches-east-end-season-2-episode-10-fall-house-beauchamp/

Witches of East End “Smells like King Spirit” Season 2 Episode 9

Witches of East End  “Smells like King Spirit” Season 2 Episode 9 airs Sunday September 14 at 9/8c. Episode Synopsis : “Smells like King Spirit” – Tarkoff takes revenge against Frederick. Freya confronts Killian while Ingrid gives Dash an ultimatum. Wendy and Tommy’s relationship proves dangerous. Joanna takes action to protect her family. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2014/09/14/witches-east-end-season-2-episode-9-smells-like-king-spirit/

Witches of East End Season 2 Episode 8 “Sex, Lies, and Birthday Cake”

Witches of East End  “Sex, Lies, and Birthday Cake” Season 2 Episode 8 airs Sunday September 7 at 9/8c. Episode Synopsis : “Sex, Lies, and Birthday Cake” – Freya and Frederick celebrate a milestone birthday. Tarkoff puts pressure on Frederick to get things done while Ingrid and Dash grow closer. Tommy gets a surprise from Wendy as Joanna faces one of her worst fears. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2014/09/07/witches-east-end-season-2-episode-8-sex-lies-birthday-cake/