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'Witches of East End' finale: Death, fate and the door to Asgard in 'Oh, What a World'

"Witches of East End" has come to the end of its first season with "Oh, What a World," and it's safe to say that no one is doing too well. Penelope Gardiner and Mike the writer are both very dead. Joanna has been poisoned. Killian is unconscious and drifting out to sea. Ingrid, Freya, Wendy and are OK though. Really stressed, but fine. Oh, and someone opened the door to Asgard.If you need a little more when it comes to status updates for the characters of "Witches of East End," here are a few details.Definitely deadPenelope: Being a villain never ends well when it comes to season finales, unfortunately for Penelope. It looks like she had the upper hand for awhile -- what with poisoning Joanna and stealing magic from Freya, Dash and Killian -- but Joanna and Wendy prove to be the winners. Unless Penelope somehow withstood a giant furnace, the mean lady... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/12/witches-of-east-end-finale-death-fate-and-the-door-to-asgard-in-oh-what-a-world.html

Witches of East End Boss: There Is More Than One Major Death in the Finale

Two worlds are about to converge on the season finale of  Witches of East End . On the penultimate episode, Joanna ( Julia Ormond ) destroyed the key to Asgard, the world from which she and her family of witches came. But when a mysterious — and very curious — man named Mike ( Enver Gjokaj ) showed up to Ingrid's ( Rachel Boston ) library, he revealed that not only is there a second key located in Fair Haven, but that the key is Ingrid herself. Will Mike use Ingrid to get to the other side? Will Penelope ( Virginia Madsen ) destroy her son's wedding to Freya ( Jenna Dewan-Tatum ) so that she can return home to Asgard and reunite with Archibald ( Matthew Del Negro )? And will the Beauchamp girls work with their newly discovered father to save everyone? We checked in with both Boston and executive producer  Maggie Friedman  who answered our burning questions heading into finale.  Read More...   //www.tvguide.com/News/Witches-East-End-Finale-1074677.aspx?rss=breakingnews

Witches of East End Season Finale 2013 “Oh, What a World!”

Witches of East End  “Oh, What a World!” Season 1 Episode 10 (season finale) airs Sunday Dec 1st at 10/9c. Episode Synopsis : Witches of East End Episode 10 “Oh, What a World!” – Freya’s wedding day arrives as do gifts from both Killian and Dash. Joanna and Wendy discover the identity of the shifter. When Ingrid discovers some unnerving details about Mike, he takes dangerous measures to complete his plan. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2013/12/15/witches-of-east-end-season-finale-2013-oh-what-a-world/