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Wizard Barristers – Benmashi Cecil episode 12 [Final]: Final Trial

After watching this final episode, I remain with my statement of last episode that it was definitively unnecessary and we could have just ended the show last episode without any problem. The episode brought a bit of finality to the issue of Cecil’s mother and gave a final trial, but in the end the truth was only partially revealed and there was really no real conclusion here. I found the episode to be rather boring overall, I really wish there was more to it than what we saw, I wish the show would have gone more into the depth rather than in another case without much conclusion. Read More... //0-gate.com/wizard-barristers-benmashi-cecil-episode-12-final/

Wizard Barristers – Benmashi Cecil episode 11: Becoming one with Lucifer

Alright so, there were a lot of awesome thing that happened this episode, it really felt like a final episode to me, but I got to go over something else first. Why would all this happen and not just end the show there? Why is it that they really need another episode to conclude things a bit more and “expose the truth”. I understand that it is something important in the show and that the law judge all and that Cecil loves to follow the right procedure…but is it really necessary? I don’t really care about watching the show anymore, I don’t need that 12th episode. No matter the outcome of the final episode, all the answers I wanted, I already got, which brings me to the topic of Moyo. Read More... //0-gate.com/wizard-barristers-benmashi-cecil-episode-11/

Wizard Barristers – Benmashi Cecil episode 10: Macal and Labon

Well we finally got our episode where nearly everything has been revealed, now lets go through everything we’ve learned and see what might come out of it. First we got to talk about the summoning of Lucifer and what it involves with Cecil. We already knew that Lucifer was the objective of the Macal squad and everything, but now we actually learn that they have a plan to control him. It is already reassuring me quite a bit to learn that they at least have a plan to control Lucifer and they don’t just hope he will listen to their request just because it involves a lot of killing and unjust domination by the strong. They seem to intent to use Cecil incredible magical power to subdue Lucifer somehow, this sounds like a good idea, but it lacks a lot of details. Will Cecil become the vessel which Lucifer will inhabit? This doesn’t sound like such a great theory, because for  the sake of the show, I’m certain that Lucifer will have to appear to make things more awesome and the show wouldn’t kill off Cecil at this point as she is the main protagonist. So if Cecil cannot die in the summoning, how else could she be used? My theory is that she will either try to subdue Lucifer or she will simply be a sacrifice for him. Now why would Lucifer be interested in her as a sacrifice more than someone else…I have no idea. Read More...   //0-gate.com/wizard-barristers-benmashi-cecil-episode-10-2/

Wizard Barristers – Benmashi Cecil episode 9: Summoning Lucifer

I feel like nothing really happened that we didn’t already knew about this episode. The episode felt long and to drag out quite a bit when it could have been much shorter and we could have jumped straight to the actually relevant part of the story. I really don’t care for a love relationship to start developing now, I just want this big mystery to be revealed and to start seeing where things will go from there.   Read More.... //0-gate.com/wizard-barristers-benmashi-cecil-episode-10/

Wizard Barristers – Benmashi Cecil episode 8: Phoenix Cecil

Things are finally starting to intensify in Wizard Barristers, it seems that the people of the office won’t be as clueless as they used to be anymore. Now that the local agency tried to kill them all, it is rather obvious that there is something extremely fishy going on. With Cecil always being involved in really strange incidents and people around them are turning into murderers, it is starting to be difficult to ignore what is going on.   Read More... //0-gate.com/wizard-barristers-benmashi-cecil-episode-8/

Wizard Barristers – Benmashi Cecil episode 7: Endless roadtrip

For some reason I was certain that Moyoyon would be involved in this episode, but I guess I was wrong considering she is about the only person who hasn’t come to America. I must say that this whole episode is rather weird to me, I can understand having most of the crew away for training purpose, but it still seems rather weird to have 2 of them leave to Canada from America…and in car of all things. Just how long were they away? They said they were only there for 3 nights and 5 days, yet they let Cecil spend 2 nights and 3 days to go to Canada and back? Just how much do you want to see someone to make 22 hours of road just to meet them for a few hours. Natsuna has serious reasons to be annoyed by this, most people would have murdered if they were forced to drive for 22 hours in 2 or 3 days for someone else’s sake. Read More.... //0-gate.com/wizard-barristers-benmashi-cecil-episode-7/

Wizard Barristers – Benmashi Cecil episode 6: Super Hero Episode?

What kind of lame and weird episode was this. I understand that there was some kind of weird story progression in there, but overall the episode was just a big pile of crap. I mean it felt like some story made just for fanservice purpose more than anything else, there was no emotions and nothing felt real in that episode. Everything was so over the top and surreal that I didn’t even wanted to think this episode was part of the main story and I’d rather see it just as something cannon like a special OVA episode. I really don’t understand why this episode had to take place at any point. Read More... //0-gate.com/wizard-barristers-benmashi-cecil-episode-6-2/

Wizard Barristers – Benmashi Cecil episode 5: Old man leads the way

This case was a bit awkward to watch, if only because Kamakiri is so ugly-looking and awkward in term of character design. I understand that “Kiri-jiichan” is supposed to be old and experienced and lazy, but his face just looks like a bulldog with some fungal disease in its face. The character himself is awesome, but visually speaking he seems really out of place to me. He is supposed to be over 80 years old, he still rocks long blond hair and he is able to dance around idols and eat hamburgers all day long. The guy complains about back pain and sleeps on the job, but then he dances while going out of the hospital I understand that most of it is just exaggeration to properly exaggerate his character, but I still find it really contrasting and odd how well his personality is defined and yet how his physical appearance doesn’t match it one bit. Read More... //0-gate.com/wizard-barristers-benmashi-cecil-episode-5/

Wizard Barristers – Benmashi Cecil episode 4: Its a conspiracy

Well, things are already putting themselves together rather quickly in Wizard Barristers. After the reveal of Grimoire 365 last episode it was rather obvious that the show would head this way, but I didn’t expect for that much information about the organization and Grimoire 365 to be revealed just one episode later. Just one episode after and we already have the oldest creepy grandpa talking about some Grimoire 365 who has the history of Wud and how they used to fight in the past, later in the episode we have some psycho revealing that they were after Cecil all along and finally in the end we have the police investigator who turns out to be a wizard and the leader of some evil organization related to Grimoire 365. All this development only in the 5th episode of the show makes me think that the show current status quo will either change really rapidly into something a bit more unsettling and chaotic, or there will be a lot of filler episodes somewhere around the middle of the show. Both options sounds rather plausible, but considering the overall quality of the show I expect things to get more awesome rather than turning into fillers. Read More... //0-gate.com/wizard-barristers-benmashi-cecil-episode-4/

Wizard Barristers – Benmashi Cecil episode 3: Grimoire 365

I’m still not sure if I like or dislike the show, but it is interesting enough to pull me in the story and I don’t plan to stop blogging it any time soon. The magical dolls and Cecil personality are rather annoying and too child-like for my liking, but this episode showed that this show might have a greater story of justice and conspiracy than we would of originally be lead to believe. It seems that despite the prejudices, despite the xenophobia for wizard, there is something even darker and more cunning at work here. It seems that some kind of organization is pulling to string to have people killed. What is the organization, what purpose it has and where are things going from here, I have no idea. What we do know is that some Grimoire 365 contains some kind of prophecy which somehow wants some people to die and Cecil will probably have some role to play in all this. We are just getting introduced to the whole story, so it is rather difficult to fully understand the magnitude of this new plot, but I have a feeling that it might span the whole season. Read More... //0-gate.com/wizard-barristers-benmashi-cecil-episode-3-grimoire-365/