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Season 709


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  • 18 episodes
    18 episodes
    • s709e731Matt Taibbi on Goldman Sachs
    • s709e730Food in the City: The Art of the Urban Pig Roast
    • s709e729Arianna Huffington on Pigs at the Trough
    • s709e724The Brian Lehrer Show: Chinatown in Transition
    • s709e723Ellen Ruppel Shell on Outlet Malls
    • s709e722The Yes Men Go To The Movies
    • s709e721What if Scott Joplin and Irving Berlin Met?
    • s709e720D A Henderson on Smallpox
    • s709e717Hygienist Monona Rossol on Swimming Pools
    • s709e716Novella Carpenter on Farm City
    • s709e715Williamsburg's Condo Boom and Bust
    • s709e714Andrew Coe on Chinese Food
    • s709e713Phillip Lopate on Susan Sontag
    • s709e710Texas-Style Brisket: A Video Diary from Chef Michael Lomonaco
    • s709e709The Upside of High Gas Prices
    • s709e708Chris Anderson: The Future of Free
    • s709e707Maya Lin on Storm King Wavefield
    • s709e706Reclaiming Housing in Brooklyn