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Wolf Hall Recap: In Finale, King Henrys Masque and Annes Little Neck

Until Sunday nights episode, a Cromwell apologist could have written off his actions. Not any more.   Read More... //

Wolf Hall Recap: Henry Is All Heat, Fury and Menace

Love him, and feel an existential threat.   Read More... //

Wolf Hall Recap: Cromwell the Serpent Makes an Appearance

Cromwell is a man of deeds. Thomas More is a man of words.   Read More... //

Wolf Hall Recap: Thomas More Follows His Principles Straight to the Torture Chamber

Burned at the stake: The portrait of Thomas More as a martyr.   Read More... //

Wolf Hall Recap: Cromwell, the Nobody Who Gets Things Done

An epic protagonist whose face resists illumination.   Read More... //

'Wolf Hall' needs more Damian Lewis as Henry VIII, stat

"Wolf Hall,"the BBC's six-part adaptation of Hilary Mantel's Booker Prize-winning novels, has a clear hero: Thomas Cromwell (Mark Rylance). Cromwell, who has a knack for knowing when to break into a kind yet sardonic smile, is an intelligent, thoughtful, tragic man from lowly beginnings who eventually rises to become King Henry VIII's chief minister.However, although Cromwell is a strong leading man with a tear-jerker of a past -- his cruel father used to kick him on the streets until his blood dripped onto the cobblestones -- there's one man missing from Sunday's (April 5) premiere as part of PBS' "Masterpiece": Henry VIII.RELATED: 'Masterpiece': 'Breathless,' 'Wolf Hall' with Damian Lewis join 'Downton Abbey' in 2014-15The English king (Damian Lewis) does not make a significant appearance until the last five minutes of the hour-plus episode. And although there's no denying the satisfaction that comes from watching a man who doesn't deserve the cards he's dealt --... //

'Wolf Hall': TV Review

PBS' six-part miniseries about the rise of King Henry VIII's closest adviser looks like a winner.   Read More... //

Wolf Hall Recap: Cromwell Shows Us His Two Sides

Cromwell is being rehabilitated, but his moral compass isnt becoming any easier to define.   Read More... //

Book Review: 'Wolf Hall' review: A worthy TV series for the Mantel piece

Mark Rylance excels as Thomas Cromwell in the PBS drama.   Read More... //

Wolf Hall Is the King of Prestige Television

  It's hard to top the overwhelming prestige of Wolf Hall . It's based on Hilary Mantel's revered, Booker Prizewinning books, Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies ; it stars Tony- and Olivier-winner Mark Rylance as Thomas Cromwell; it's British; and even the candles seem historically crafted for excellence. And the six-part miniseries, premiering Sunday on PBS, is indeed largely excellent.   Read More... //