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[WATCH] Nina Dobrev Shares Video on Set of Her First TV Role Since 'Vampire Diaries'

Since Nina Dobrev left The Vampire Diaries she has been starring in third- to fourth-string movie roles. TV has not been on her radar. Now that has changed. TV Line reports that Dobrev has been cast as a guest star in season 7 of Comedy Central's Workaholics . Little is known about Nina's role but thanks to a video from her Twitter account it is clear she is already having a lot of fun. ...Read More... //

Nina Dobrev to Guest on Workaholics in Her First Post-Vampire Diaries TV Role

Nina Dobrevs next small-screen role will find her involved in a verydifferent sort of triangle. The Vampire Diaries star whose character remains sound asleep in a supernatural coma will guest-star in Season 7 of Comedy Centrals Workaholics, TVLine has confirmed, though no further details about her role are available. Dobrev tweeted about being [] //

'Workaholics' Star to Topline Fox Private-Eye Comedy

'Pigeon' hails from 'The Office' duo Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky and marks a key off-network sale for ABC Studios. ...Read More... //

WATCH: 'Workaholics' stars talk Oscar Isaac, cannibalism, and more

Watch the hilarious stars in our Comic-Con interview ..  Read More... //

Workaholics Is Giving Up the Ghost, Mostly Likely Will End With Season 7

"We kind of think nows a good time to put it to bed."...   Read More... //

'Workaholics' Star Jillian Bell Tells Tale Of Cringeworthy Justin Timberlake Encounter

Celebrity interactions can go one of two ways: they can become the story you share at every party, or they can send your life into a downward spiral. For "Workaholics" star Jillian Bell, her Justin Timberlake encounter was of the latter variety.   On Tuesday night's episode of "Conan," Bell talked about her time writing for "Saturday Night Live," where she ran into all kinds of celebrities.One day, while writing a sketch with Kristen Wiig, Bell met Timberlake, the man who brought sexy back by himself.   Read More...   //

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: 'Workaholics' season 6 trailer: Things just got weirder

You are exactly four weeks away from watchingthe season 6 premiereof Workaholics but only aboutfour seconds away from embarking on themindtrip that is theseason 6 trailer. Lets get weird may have been theslogan for the wacked-outworkplace comedy starring Adam Devine, Blake...   Read More... //

Comedy Central sets return date for 'Broad City' & more

Abbi and Ilana are ready to return. Comedy Central has unveiled its midseason slate, whichrolls outnew seasons of Broad City , Workaholics , Tosh.0 , Adam Devines House Party , and This is Not Happening, as well as two new shows, Idiotsitter and... //

Weekend Binge Guide: October 2015

Have the weekend free? Going out is overrated! Binge-watch one of these shows instead:   If you want to laugh:     Workaholics See all reviews for Workaholics No one knows how to have fun (or get high, or slack off) quite like best friends Adam, Blake, and Anders. They're definitely not the coolest (or the smartest, or the smoothest), but gosh darn are they creative when it comes to avoiding work. (I promise, you don't have to be a stoner or a delinquent to appreciate this kind of funny... though it couldn't hurt.)     If you want to cry:     The Affair See all reviews for The Affair Sorry folks, if you're looking for a mushy, romantic love story, this definitely isn't it. Instead, Noah and Alison's affair — told from both characters' perspectives — is dark, emotional, and shrouded in mystery. But that's a little more fun than the typical boy-meets-girl story, right?       If you want to scream:     The Knick See all reviews for  The Knick As it turns out, dangerous surgeries led by a cocaine-addicted surgeon are the best kind of medicine. I'd been warned that this period piece gets all kinds of bloody and gutty, but even my squeamish side can't resist the talented Clive Owen. (Bonus: The score is incredible.)       If you want to think:     The Newsroom See all reviews for  The Newsroom If you're not the newspaper-reading type, you can always learn about real-world events the way the rest of us do: from a fictional (but no less brilliant!) TV news team. No, the events covered won't be quite so "current" anymore, but on the plus side, Aaron Sorkin! p { text-align: justify; }

Workaholics Star Erik Griffin, Andrew Santino Join Showtimes Im Dying Up Here

Erik Griffin and Andrew Santino have been cast in the pilot of Showtimes Im Dying Up Here, an individual with knowledge of the castings told TheWrap. The series is set among the famous Hollywood comedy clubs of the 1970s.The pilot will delve into the complex psyches that inhabit the hilarious, but difficultbusiness of making an audience laugh. The movie is scheduled to begin shooting this fall. Griffin, known for playing Montez on Comedy Centrals Workaholics, will be playing Ralph, a former Vietnam vet and comic who is as brash as he is hilarious.   Read More... //