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Review, a Workaholics Slapstick Tragedy Nears Its End

This Comedy Central show, in which a professional life-reviewer hosts a show-within-a-show, is in its third and final season.   ...Read More... //

Workaholics 4.13 Review: “Friendship Anniversary”

Oh  Workaholics , this season was going extremely well and had so many great episodes. I thought that for sure that the finale would be something special; but sadly, I was mistaken. This season the solid episodes were amazing but the lackluster ones always seemed to have plenty of potential that just never panned out. Last night’s finale, “Friendship Anniversary,” was exactly that – an episode that seemed like it would be a total winner but fell flat with disappointment. The episode definitely had its moments, as they all do, but after the conflict arises we are left with over half of the episode being boring and pretty unfunny. There will always be bad episodes within a TV series, but it always stinks when a season finale is just subpar. Read More... //

Workaholics 4.12 Review: “Deputy”

This season  Workaholics   has done a great job of basing their episode plots around popular topics of modern culture; EDM, Greek life and even filming a documentary. Last night, the guys tackled another situation that I’m sure any gamer has found their self in before – getting constantly harassed by another online player. Yes, over the years I have been in countless situations where I’ve found myself in a shouting match of slander with a stranger (as I’m sure many others have as well) which is hilarious to look back on. Last night’s episode, “DeputyDong,” took this situation to the extreme where the guys actually got to hunt their bully down and see how he likes it when they bring the game to him. The episode opens with Adam and Blake getting crushed in the video game called  Sniper Shot Munich , by a guy whose online username is Deputy Dong. He’s better at the game than them and constantly gets under their skin with his rude verbal harassment. Ders even avoids playing  Sniper Shot Munich  when he sees DD online because he’s that vicious and there’s nothing the guys can do. But.. when they are at work the next day, Blake realizes that one of the people he calls for TAC is DD and they get his address, which I assume is probably illegal to copy. Either way, they get the address and decide to give DD a rude awakening by showing up to his house, black ops style, and deleting his online game account. Read More... //

Workaholics 4.11 Review: “The One Where the Guys Play Basketball and Do the Friends Title Thing”

Well after two slower weeks,  Workaholics  has bounced back just like I expected with another hilarious episode. I seriously am loving this season a lot and last night’s episode, “The One Where the Guys Play Basketball and Do the Friends Title Thing,” made me laugh out loud watching by myself (something rare) more than ever before. It was great to see them back at the office with the entire gang around; Alice, Jillian, Montez, Bill and Waymond, who all received nice face time in this episode. Adam, Blake, and Ders show up to TelAmeriCorp and discover that Alice is required to start a health initiative so rather than organize some type of 5K she sets up a 3v3 basketball tournament. The prize for the tournament is to use a company Dodge Dart during a 2 day stay at the company timeshare in Reno, which is apparently the new Vegas. The guys show up in their sleeveless royal purple And1 jerseys to face Bill and Waymond’s team in the first round. While they easily advance through the first round, the guys notice that the “Tezmanian Devils” have also advanced to the finals because they have Lynette from accounting, who almost made the ’96  Olympic women’s basketball team. Read More... //

Workaholics 4.10 Review: “Timechair”

I’m really going to be depending on  Workaholics  in a couple weeks because a lot of my weekly shows are beginning to finish which only puts more pressure on whatever’s left to entertain me; and last night’s episode, “Timechair,” felt like nothing more than a disappointing filler episode.  It felt weird that to see the Workaholics actually at work for once, especially when this season has made it feel like Bill is the only one who works there with the guys. This season has just felt absent of its supporting characters which, exactly like my weekly TV schedule, then relies entirely on Adam, Blake, and Ders to be funny while also having a great story arc. When this works, it can create some of the best Workaholics  episodes; like I’ve been saying, this season we got “Brociopath,” “We Be Clownin’” and “Beer Heist,” which were fantastic. Yet, on the other side of the spectrum we get episodes like “Timechair”.  Read More... //

Workaholics 4.09 Review: “Best Buds”

Workaholics  has been off to such a great start this season; putting together some really great episodes that had a good story arc and funny writing filled with one liners and solid chemistry between the guys. “ Brociopath ,” “ We Be Clownin’ ” and “ Beer Heist ,” were hilarious, creative and well-written, but last night’s, “Best Buds,” broke the cycle. Like always, the episode had its moments that made me chuckle and started out with a plot full of potential when Karl announces he is going to open up a Medicinal Cannabis and Burrito restaurant—yet, gets quickly boring when the episode turns into a 2v2 power struggle between Karl and Ders vs. Adam and Blake. The episode just felt like it had no depth compared to the previous ones in this season and lacked the normal  Workaholics  authenticity. The main plot forms around Karl’s decision to take claim of his  squatter’s rights  and open up a medical marijuana dispensary and Mexican burrito restaurant in the abandoned storefront he’s been using as a home for the past three plus months. I thought this was a good opener that had plenty of plot potential to have them create a goal that they nearly reach only to come crashing back to where they started.  He supplies the guys with their own medical cards so they can obtain and smoke weed in a more legal fashion and also help him with the business. They decide to quit TelAmeriCorp by lighting up at work and making a big and flashy exit which was amusing. The intro was well-done and sets them up once again abandoning everything to go for it. Read More... //

Workaholics 4.08 Review: “Beer Heist”

When the   Workaholics  episodes hit a streak of solid episodes, the shaping takes on a lather, rinse, repeat form that becomes pretty predictable, but generates funny plots for 21 minutes and is perfect for a weekly comedy.  The past two weeks of  Workaholics  have definitely been two of my favorite episodes from them; poking fun at the frat scene and then the birthday party clowns – which have both followed the same successful formula as this week where the guys get some ridiculous idea, having it come so close to working out, and then failing miserably and returning to where they started. They have nothing to lose, which is why their ridiculous antics are fun to watch, and why last night’s episode, “Beer Heist,” was another good (but not as great) addition to the show’s recent streak. The guys hit up the beer store and end up running into some college freshmen who need to pick up alcohol for their dorm party pre-game, and ask the guys to buy it for them; however, Adam has the idea of saving the money and stealing the beer from a delivery truck that is in the parking lot.  The guys are a bunch of “super dangerous hornballs,” so this pretty much makes total sense. Read More... //

Workaholics 4.07 Review: “We Be Clownin’”

Last night the  Workaholics   returned for what I thought was one of their funnier episodes of this season. It was probably my favorite, to be honest.  Last night just felt like an authentic  Workaholics episode that had Adam, Blake and Ders trying to accomplish something and then thinking they have figured out a way to dramatically improve their lifestyle and make more money.  I love watching them start to accomplish something, I like it when they start to succeed, but then immediately let the minor success get completely blown out of proportion in their minds and have everything come crashing down, which is exactly what last night’s episode, “We Be Clownin’,” did. Read More... //

Workaholics 4.06 Review: “Brociopath”

Being a college student, I find it very amusing whenever the  Workaholics  guys poke fun at modern cultural experiences.  This season they opened up with a funny episode of three guys trying to get to an EDM concert gone wrong.  It’s funny because they really nail the situations and put together hilarious satires about the modern generation while still coming off as cool guys to everyone. It’s funny, and that’s why I appreciate  Workaholics , because they are able to balance their content between original stories and plays on pop culture. Last night’s episode, “Brociopath” had these 30 year old slackers attempting to make up on lost opportunities and join a fraternity, mainly because of all the girls that frat guys are able to get. Read More... //

Workaholics 4.05 Review: “Three And A Half Men”

Lately the Olympics have pretty much put every TV show that I watch in a weekly base onto hiatus until their finish, which is a huge pain, but luckily  Workaholics  is still coming out on schedule.  Last night’s episode, “Three And A Half Men,” was a good episode, but nothing exceptional.  I thought the general plot of the episode was goofy, but very fitting for the  Workaholics  guys, because it was another vulgar bro-session.  The premise of last night’s episode featured the guys being commissioned by Alice to film a new TelAmeriCorp documentary for $300; however, of course, Adam, Blake, and Ders decide to film their own documentary in hopes of eventually reaching Sundance and becoming the next great filmmakers. Read More... //