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World Conquest Zvezda Plot Episode 12 and Final Impressions

Oh  Zvezda , you never stop being the most confusing show I’m watching this season. And this is a season in which I’m watching  Kill la Kill . That says a lot doesn’t it? Alas, unlike  Kill la Kill ,  Zvezda  has none of the consistency as we witness the climax of this strange tale. Asuta’s father reveals himself to be some kind of smoke demon thing, capable of exhaling noxious gas that can weaken Zvezda members and only Zvezda members…or something? I seriously still don’t get it. Also, way to come out of left field without any foreshadowing. If you want to start introducing last minute twists to the plot, it kinda helps if you at least had something hinting at it. Alas,  Zvezda  plays too fast and loose for things like that, so instead we get a rather flashy fight that is even more style-over-substance than the show usually is.   Read More... //theglorioblog.com/2014/03/31/world-conquest-zvezda-plot-episode-12-and-final-impressions/

World Conquest Zvezda Plot Episode 10-11

As episode 9 revealed, West Udogawa has been invaded by the Tokyo military. Yes, I realize how nonsensical that sounds, but thanks to a fast and oddly convenient recap from Asuta, it turns out there’s been a giant civil war going on in Japan as Tokyo suddenly decides to wage a Nobunaga-esque war of conquest on the rest of Japan, quickly taking over 90% of it. It’s this kind of narrative inconsistency that really gets to me, especially when I watching  Log Horizon  and  Kill la Kill , two shows with immensely rock solid narrative consistency. Sure,  KLK  is crazy, but ostensibly so is  Zvezda.  Being a spontaneous show does not invalidate its ability to evenly pace itself and tell a consistent story with a clear point. I think it says something when I’m 11 episodes into a show and I still don’t really understand the message it’s trying to tell. And yes, every decent piece of fiction should be able to effectively communicate its intent to the viewers. Throw in some confusing subplots related to the characters’ backstories and relationships and you have a plot that has no clue where it’s trying to go. Read More... //theglorioblog.com/2014/03/24/world-conquest-zvezda-plot-episode-10-11/

World Conquest Zvezda Plot Episode 9

 Yes folks, the dreaded hot springs episode is here, and it’s as skeezy and uncomfortable as you expected a hot spring episode in a show about a prepubescent girl would be. How the creators of this show were looking at the storyboards and thought to themselves, “yes, this is a good idea, let’s run with this,” is completely beyond my comprehension. I’ve heard from a few people that  Zvezda  isn’t trying to sexualize Kate and that it’s just my bias is preventing me from understanding the nuances of the show and its usage of Kate as a character. Thankfully, this episode proved you’re all fucking liars. Please tell me with a straight face that this isn’t questionable at all, and I will laugh, then spit in your face. Read More... //theglorioblog.com/2014/03/10/world-conquest-zvezda-plot-episode-9/

World Conquest Zvezda Plot Episode 8

 Honest to God, I really have no clue what is going on in this show anymore. I think I’m basically just watching it because after 8 episodes, I couldn’t really just go and drop it. So we get some more backstory in the form of Goro’s old acquaintances and glimpses of his old life. Thankfully, Goro continues to prove he’s the best damn character in this show. Whether he’s getting into awesome back-to-back fights with a former-gangster now-baker armed with a rolling pin, or getting into crazy explosion fights with White Light’s commander, his antics never fail to entertain me.    Read More... //theglorioblog.com/2014/03/03/world-conquest-zvezda-plot-episode-8/

World Conquest Zvezda Plot Episode 7

I really have no clue whats going on at this point. So as we know, the the Treasure Club’s plan is a plot to isolate possible Zvezda members and take them out. Of course, being the kind of show this is, things don’t go according to plan and everyone, heroes and villains alike, drop the ball multiple times, leading to some groan-worthy levels of incompetence. Not that I was surprised of course, I’ve started setting my expectations low enough that I can basically predict any plot development that occurs in this show at this point. However, I’d like to point out that Goro’s bit as the statue continued to be the best part of the past couple of episodes. The utterly botched Morse code was also pretty great. Read More... //theglorioblog.com/2014/02/25/world-conquest-zvezda-plot-episode-7/

World Conquest Zvezda Plot Episode 6

Yes, after 6 episodes, Zvezda has finally committed the most generic of anime cliches, introducing the rest of the main cast to the school setting. Kate and Roboko obviously don’t fit in! They’re an elementary school girl and a robot! Nobody notices! So wacky! Yes, it’s exactly as boring and contrived as you imagined it to be. To be fair, seeing Goro disguised on campus as a statue bust was pretty hilarious.   Read More... //theglorioblog.com/2014/02/17/world-conquest-zvezda-plot-episode-6/

World Conquest Zvezda Plot Episode 5

Overall kind of a dumb episode to be honest. While it’s obvious to us that Renge has been White Robin this entire time, somehow nobody can figure it out until Asuta notices a weirdly specific clue. Oh well, can’t really expect much from anime in that regard. Still, there were some pretty good laughs, while I totally saw Asuta hiding in the girl’s locker room from a mile away, I did not expect him to be sitting there with his gasmask on. Though if he was gonna hide his identity anyway, I’m not sure why he wouldn’t just run out the first chance he got. Also if he can survive getting kicked out of a window and falling three stories, I don’t see how he couldn’t just jump, but hey, anime.   Read More... //theglorioblog.com/2014/02/10/world-conquest-zvezda-plot-episode-5/

World Conquest Zvezda Plot Episode 4

 Zvezda continues to be one of the more esoteric shows I’m watching this season, introducing increasingly strange conflicts to the cast. What any of this has to do with the actual goal of world conquest, I don’t know, but I figure the show is still concerned with introducing its cast and fleshing them out beyond their stock anime archetypes (and poor clothing choices). So it turns out that not only does Roboko runs off of udo, so does the entire headquarters. And working off some strange hivemind, when the root udo goes bad, the rest of em do too. So it’s up to our intrepid would-be conquerors to go down below the surface past the ancient udo civilization that lies underneath the headquarters and get to the bottom of the mysterious outage. Read More... //theglorioblog.com/2014/02/03/world-conquest-zvezda-plot-episode-4/

World Conquest Zvezda Plot: Episode 3

This week’s episode takes a surprisingly entertaining turn as Kate and her motley crew decide to take on smokers. Anyone familiar with Japan will know that Japanese people love to smoke… a lot . As a result, I was pretty amused by the idea of a Japanese piece of fiction taking such a sanctimonious stand against smokers. It’d be like an American piece of work taking potshots at our growing obesity rates. Sure, some pieces of media do that, but probably not enough to really hammer the point home. The idea of it turning into some kind of crazy civil war for survival also added to the fun absurdity of the episode. Exploring Yasu and Goro’s past was also kinda nice. It just kinda solidifies my belief that the giant middle aged man is pretty fucking cool all around. Helps he’s one of the better visually designed characters in the show. And yes, I will probably complain about how half the character design work in this show is just absolutely terrible. While  Zvezda’s  quality itself is managing to go on the upswing, it doesn’t excuse the frankly questionable appearances of some of the characters. Alas, it seems if I’m sticking with this for the long haul, I’m gonna have to get used to it eventually. Read More... //theglorioblog.com/2014/01/27/world-conquest-zvezda-plot-episode-3/

World Conquest Zvezda Plot: Episode 2

After the crazy antics of last week, things are a little more toned down this episode…well, as toned down as a show about lolis trying to take over the world can be. Asuta Jimon continues to be the hapless protagonist with barely anything resembling independent agency. I was especially pleased that he had the guts to call out eye patch girl on her shitty cooking. The serious-girl-who-can’t-cook archetype is so cliche, and there was no helping that, but at least one finally got called out on said shitty cooking. Read More... //theglorioblog.com/2014/01/20/world-conquest-zvezda-plot-episode-2/