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World Conquest Zvezda Plot Episode 12 and Final Impressions

Oh  Zvezda , you never stop being the most confusing show I’m watching this season. And this is a season in which I’m watching  Kill la Kill . That says a lot doesn’t it? Alas, unlike  Kill la Kill ,  Zvezda  has none of the consistency as we witness the climax of this strange tale. Asuta’s father reveals himself to be some kind of smoke demon thing, capable of exhaling noxious gas that can weaken Zvezda members and only Zvezda members…or something? I seriously still don’t get it. Also, way to come out of left field without any foreshadowing. If you want to start introducing last minute twists to the plot, it kinda helps if you at least had something hinting at it. Alas,  Zvezda  plays too fast and loose for things like that, so instead we get a rather flashy fight that is even more style-over-substance than the show usually is.   Read More... //theglorioblog.com/2014/03/31/world-conquest-zvezda-plot-episode-12-and-final-impressions/