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'World of Jenks' Finale: Kaylin Preps for Brooklyn Fashion Weekend (Exclusive Video)

The second season of the MTV docuseries draws to a close Monday, May 20.      //

'World of Jenks' Kaylin Andres' designs may be timeless, but she has no sense of immortality

People, especially when younger, defer their dreams, figuring they have time.Kaylin Andres doesn't have that sense of immortality.The designer featured on MTV's Monday series "World of Jenks" is dealing with her third occurrence of cancer. She always wanted to be a fashion designer and wanted to work in the fashion capital of the United States, so she moved to New York."I knew pretty early on," she tells Zap2it from her home in Brooklyn, where she was resting after a chemo session. "My family taught me how to sew when I was really young, and I always loved drawing and sewing and creating, so I knew by age 10 that I wanted to design."A huge fan of "British designers in particular because of their wit and sense of humor," Andres says she is partial to Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood.In her own creations she aims to mix a sense of humor with wit.Look closely at the... //