Would I Lie To You?
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Would I Lie To You?

"Episode 6"

Date Aired: Jul 28, 2007 (United Kingdom)

Would I Lie To You? S1E6
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Harry Enfield and Claudia Winkleman join David Mitchell whilst Tara Palmer-Tomkinson and Dave Spikey are on Lee Mack's team. David's team won 9 points to 8. This episode has been censored by the BBC's Editorial Complaints Unit. It has ruled that the following joke from Angus Deayton may not be repeated in any subsequent broadcasts: "Sir Jimmy Savile is quite keen on seeing how blue mouldy bits develop, that's why he stayed with his mum so long after she died. The blue bit in cheese is in fact a living fungus that smells slightly off and serves no useful purpose - much like Sir Jimmy himself nowadays."
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