Would I Lie To You?
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Would I Lie To You?

"Episode 5"

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Would I Lie To You? S2E5
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With guest panellists Hugh Dennis, Eamonn Holmes, Olivia Colman and Peter Serafinowicz. Lee's team win 8 points to 6 Home Truths Eamonn Holmes has an identical twin called Jimmy who lives in Canada (Lie) Peter Serafinowicz's voice was passed off as that of Pelé in an advert for impotence (True) Hugh Dennis was offered a job in Kelloggs' development department after he sent them a list of new cereal ideas (Lie) Ring of Truth Wayne Rooney got engaged in a petrol station (True) Rolf Harris has chosen to be cryogenically frozen when he dies (Lie) This Is My... Lee: Amanda gave my dog mouth-to-mouth resuscitation after it was run over by a car Eamonn: The lovely Amanda was Angelina Jolie's double in Tomb Raider and came on my radio show (True) Hugh: This is Amanda and we came 3rd in last year's Goodwood Pantomime Horse Dash Final Round David: I used to be a tour guide for a hat museum (Lie) Olivia: I once pulled a boy by pretending to be French (True) Hugh: At school I had a fight with Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen (Lie)
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