Would I Lie To You?
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Would I Lie To You?

"Episode 8"

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Would I Lie To You? S2E8
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With Michael McIntyre, Phil Daniels, Graeme Garden and Lauren Laverne. David's team 'spank' Lee's team 9 points to 3. Home Truths Phil Daniels: In real life my next door neighbour is called Ian Beale (like my Eastenders character). (Lie) Graeme Garden: I have five pigs all named after my favourite newsreaders (Lie) Michael McIntyre: For two weeks I drove a car that could only turn left (True) Ring of Truth Bono once paid British Airways $1,700 to have his favourite trilby flown first class to a concert in Italy (True) Mick Hucknall wears trousers called 'bun boosters', which have a metal lining to add definition to his rear (False) This Is My... Graeme: This is Roger and I presented him with a prize at the Chipping Norton Giant Vegetable competition (True) Lee: Roger and I ring bells together at the local church. Lauren: Rog actually removed a tattoo I have of The Fonz. Final Round Lee: For six months I cleaned the windows of the Empire State Building (Lie) David: When I was little I used to dress myself as an 18th Century Nobleman (True) Lauren: I got my head stuck in railings three times in the same week (True) Phil: These are the slippers Sting sent me for my last birthday (Lie)
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