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Season 1

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Season 1


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  • 30 episodes
    30 episodes
    • s1e30Lucretia: Like, As
    • s1e29You Bet Your Life: Already, All Ready / Further, Farther
    • s1e28The Mad Bomber: Is Where, Is When
    • s1e27Reginald Parse: Differ with, Differ from / Continual, Continuous / Imply, Infer
    • s1e26Cinderella Newton: Sit, Set / Lay, Lie
    • s1e25Captain Kent: Hyphens
    • s1e24Comrades X and B: Apostrophes
    • s1e23Dracula's Defeat: Quotation Marks 2
    • s1e22Irma Faust: Quotation Marks
    • s1e21The Comma Kid: Semicolons
    • s1e20Peter Berton: Commas with Dates and Addresses
    • s1e19The Bard: Commas with Introductory Adverb Clauses
    • s1e18Miss Newton's Trial: Commas in a Series
    • s1e17Goodbye, Cruel World: Commas with Parenthetical Expressions
    • s1e16Henry Chan: Commas with Appositives
    • s1e15Rhubarb Power: Pronoun Reference
    • s1e14The Robber's Guide: Correlative Conjunctions
    • s1e13The Making of Flaws: Active and Passive Voice
    • s1e12Paolo Carbonara: Subject-Verb Agreement
    • s1e11King Kane: Misplaced Modifiers
    • s1e10Slick Stagger: Comma Splices and Fused Sentences
    • s1e9Fragment Fred: Sentence Fragments
    • s1e8The Spice of Life: Variety in Word Order
    • s1e7The Foolish Suitor: Figures of Speech
    • s1e6The U.F.O.: Avoiding Jargon
    • s1e5Miss Grouse: Avoiding Clichés
    • s1e4The Escaped Convict: Adjectives
    • s1e3Calling Dr. Kent: Concrete Nouns
    • s1e2La Bellicosa: Adverbs
    • s1e1Stocky Mariano: Vigorous Verbs