Season 17

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Season 17


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  • 24 episodes
    24 episodes
    • s17e24Population and the Environment
    • s17e23Biology and History of Abortion
    • s17e22Media and the Fertility Transition in Developing Countries (Guest L...
    • s17e21Global Demography of Abortion
    • s17e20Teen Sexuality and Teen Pregnancy
    • s17e19Economic Motivations for Fertility
    • s17e18Economic Impact of Population Growth
    • s17e17Population in Modern China
    • s17e16Population in Traditional China
    • s17e15Female Disadvantage
    • s17e14Demographic Transition in Developing Countries
    • s17e13Fertility Attitudes and Practices
    • s17e12Human and Environmental Impacts
    • s17e11Low Fertility in Developed Countries (Guest Lecture by Michael Teit...
    • s17e10Quantitative Aspects
    • s17e9Demographic Transition in Europe
    • s17e8Demographic Transition in Europe; Fertility Decline
    • s17e7Demographic Transition in Europe; Mortality Decline
    • s17e6Malthusian Times
    • s17e5Why Is Africa Different?
    • s17e4When Humans Were Scarce
    • s17e3From Ape to Human
    • s17e2Sex and Violence Among the Apes
    • s17e1Evolution of Sex and Reproductive Strategies