Season 21

24 Episodes

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Season 21


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  • 24 episodes
    24 episodes
    • s21e24Discovering the Roman Provinces and Designing a Roman City
    • s21e23Rome of Constantine and a New Rome
    • s21e22The Tetrarchic Renaissance
    • s21e21Architecture of the Western Roman Empire
    • s21e20The Rebirth of Athens
    • s21e19Baroque Phenomenon in Roman Architecture
    • s21e18Roman North Africa: Timgad and Leptis Magna
    • s21e17The Baths of Caracalla
    • s21e16Roman Life in Ostia, the Port of Rome
    • s21e15Hadrian
    • s21e14Civic Architecture in Rome under Trajan
    • s21e13Imperial Palace on the Palatine Hill
    • s21e12The Colosseum and Contemporary Architecture in Rome
    • s21e11Nero and His Architectural Legacy
    • s21e10Roman Tombs
    • s21e9Augustus Assembles Rome
    • s21e8Exploring Special Subjects on Pompeian Walls
    • s21e7Painting Palaces and Villas in the First Century A.D.
    • s21e6Habitats at Herculaneum and Early Roman Interior Decoration
    • s21e5Houses and Villas of Pompeii
    • s21e4Civic, Commercial and Religious Buildings of Pompeii
    • s21e3Technology and Revolution in Roman Architecture
    • s21e2The Founding of Rome and the Beginnings of Urbanism in Italy
    • s21e1Introduction to Roman Architecture