Season 22

36 Episodes

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Season 22


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  • 36 episodes
    36 episodes
    • s22e36Selfishness and Altruism
    • s22e35Alternative Breeding Strategies
    • s22e34Mating Systems and Parental Care
    • s22e33Evolutionary Game Theory: Fighting and Contests
    • s22e32Economic Decisions for the Foraging Individual
    • s22e31Why So Many Species? The Factors Affecting Biodiversity
    • s22e30Energy and Matter in Ecosystems
    • s22e29Island Biogeography and Invasive Species
    • s22e28Ecological Communities
    • s22e27Interspecific Competition
    • s22e26Population Growth: Density Effects
    • s22e25Interactions with the Physical Environment
    • s22e24Climate and the Distribution of Life on Earth
    • s22e23The Logic of Science
    • s22e22The Impact of Evolutionary Thought on the Social Sciences
    • s22e21Evolutionary Medicine
    • s22e20Coevolution
    • s22e19The Fossil Record and Life
    • s22e18Major Events in the Geological Theatre
    • s22e17Key Events in Evolution
    • s22e16Comparative Methods: Trees, Maps, and Traits
    • s22e15Phylogeny and Systematics
    • s22e14Species and Speciation
    • s22e13Sexual Selection
    • s22e12Sex Allocation
    • s22e11Life History Evolution
    • s22e10Genomic Conflict
    • s22e9The Evolution of Sex
    • s22e8The Expression of Variation: Reaction Norms
    • s22e7The Importance of Development in Evolution
    • s22e6The Origin and Maintenance of Genetic Variation
    • s22e5How Selection Changes the Genetic Composition of Population
    • s22e4Neutral Evolution: Genetic Drift
    • s22e3Adaptive Evolution: Natural Selection
    • s22e2Basic Transmission Genetics
    • s22e1The Nature of Evolution: Selection, Inheritance, and History