Young Dracula
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Young Dracula

"Hit Chicks"

Date Aired: Dec 05, 2011

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Post-therapy, Ingrid is pretending she is sweetness and light when really she plans to take charge. She turns a visiting team of netball players into vampires and tells them their mission is to wipe out Vlad. They prove to be very incompetent and many end up destroying themselves. Erin now trusts Vlad and shows him the text in the Praedictum Impaver. It is a foreign language which Vlad cannot read, but Bertrand or his dad may understand it. Erin shows Vlad how the text appeared but bagged blood doesn't work. She goes to use her own fresh blood, but Vlad stops her. He doesn't want blood spilled to reveal his destiny. Erin finds one of Ingrid's recruits in Vlad's room, but lies to her and she ends up dead, due to the fact that she went inside Vlad's coffin and got squashed. Erin is desperate to help Ryan and later creeps down to put more text in the book. Bertrand finds her there and discovers she is a breather. Vlad defends her but when it comes out she is a slayer, he is heartbroken and doesn't believe Erin when she trys to tell him that Ingrid is trying to kill him. Vlad, now considerably angry, tells her to leave.
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