Young Dracula
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Young Dracula

"Fangs For The Memories"

Date Aired: Nov 08, 2011

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Vlad comforts an upset Erin who has been having nightmares about failing to save her brother Ryan, and they talk about his past and how he tried not to become a vampire. Vlad confides his plans for vampires and breathers to live side-by-side, and Erin agrees to help him. Unknown to them, Bertrand overhears and disapproves. Meanwhile, the Count decides he wants a statue of himself placed in the school courtyard, but things don't go to plan when he trusts Renfield with creating the masterpiece. Wolfie, initially an annoyance to the Count, becomes something off a cute little child to the Count, who lets him stay when Renfield notes that, if Wolfie goes, it will just be him and the Count again.
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