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Season 2


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  • 38 episodes
    38 episodes
    • s2e64Towards Our Future!
    • s2e63The Strongest Earthbound Immortal! Wiraqocha Rasca!
    • s2e62Last Battle! The Man with Two Marks
    • s2e61At the End of the Truth
    • s2e60Sad Story - Sorrowful Memories
    • s2e59The Lone Light, Saviour Demons Dragon
    • s2e58Ahead Is My Destiny! the High Ruler of Hell, the Dark King
    • s2e57Darkness of the Heart, the Last Hope Remaining
    • s2e56The 17-Year Old Vow: The Destiny Guided by Ener-D
    • s2e55Companions' Sincerity, Salvation Dragon - Saviour Star Dragon
    • s2e54Last Duel! Team Satisfaction
    • s2e53Winds that Gust Fiercely, Blackwing - Silverwind the Ascendant
    • s2e52At the Ends of the Emotions Spun by the Cards
    • s2e51Be Resurrected! The Boundary Surpassing Turbo Duel
    • s2e50Curse of Minus! The Imprisoned Ancient Fairy Dragon
    • s2e49The King that rules over Minus, the Demonic Monkey King Zeman
    • s2e48Minus World, Search for the White Lion Regulus
    • s2e47The man with the Monkey Birthmark
    • s2e46The 17 year old truth, The Hidden Trap of the Dark Signers
    • s2e45Confrontation! The man with the Spider Birthmark
    • s2e44Stir Up the Divine Winds! Black Feather Arms Wing
    • s2e43Resolve Each Their Own! That Which is Wholeheartedly Believable
    • s2e42Gather! Warriors of the Crimson Dragon
    • s2e41Hatred Caused by Sorrow! Catch it, Stardust Dragon
    • s2e40Irreversible Past: A Locked Heart's Door
    • s2e39Descent! The Two Earthbound Gods
    • s2e38Resurrected Soul: The New Geoglyph Ablaze
    • s2e37Infiltrate! Arcadia Movement, It's My Turn!
    • s2e36Docking Courage with Strength! Synchro Summon, Power Tool Dragon
    • s2e35Terrifying! Earthbound God, Ccapac Apu
    • s2e34Dark Synchro! Show Yourself, One-Hundred Eyes Dragon
      November 25, 2008
    • s2e33Vengeful Inferno: Former Friend, Kiyosuke Kiryu
      November 25, 2008
    • s2e32Symbol of Freedom, Daedalus Bridge
    • s2e31Hometown and Friends: Reuniting Tag Riding
      October 31, 2008
    • s2e30My Name is Crow! Fly, Black Bird
      October 22, 2008
    • s2e29A New Threat: Shadow Drone, Trudge?!?
      October 15, 2008
    • s2e28Darkness that Engulfs All: Immortal Dark Signer
      October 8, 2008
    • s2e27World Without Light: Dark Synchro, Freezing Fitzgerald!
      October 1, 2008