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YuruYuri Season 2 Episode #09 Anime Review

As the school year goes on, the girls continue to shift in groupings with how they interact with each other, especially when it comes to either homework or craft sessions. Akari and Chinatsu end up working with a few others like Sakurako to do some projects and the interactions are certainly fun to watch, especially since for the most part it avoids the kind of stuff that Kyoko often brings to the table in lusting after others. But she does get to have her fun with them along the way sometimes as we see her helping out with a call to them ad getting Sakrako to do some headstands on her bed to help, even though helping is the last thing that the headstands actually do. Read More... //  

YuruYuri Season 2 Episode #08 Anime Review

While the previous episode focused on the familial relations of the cast with the younger and older sisters coming into play, it was something that had its appeal but was spread so thin and with so many characters that it kind of felt like just too much of a good thing. Enough so that as it progressed and the characters were less and less defined or connected, and that they were all sisters, kind of just rubbed me the wrong way. Thankfully, this episode shifts things back to the core cast itself, starting off with a bit of fun as the main four are together to help Kyoko a bit with her manga production which has them all doing some additional line work and so forth. Read More... //  

YuruYuri Season 2 Episode #07 Anime Review

When Yuruyuri shines for me, it’s when it deals with the core cast of four characters. They hit the right sweet spot for me and do things in a way that feels natural for them while having amusing conversations. This episode kicks off by giving us something a little different as it shows the larger cast overall, but in relation to their siblings, both younger and older. The ones who have such siblings have varied relations with them to be sure, some are more knowing than others, such as one cute little girl who gives her sister grief based on Sakurako’s advice for checking her busy line since there’s a bit of a competition going on there. Read More... //  

YuruYuri Season 2 Episode #06 Anime Review

Sometimes a show can do a parody well and when something like this series does it, having gotten us used to the simple nature of the characters, it feels like it can go the distance. So having something fun like the full opening sequence here works well and makes for some good laughs as they do the whole magica girl routine. And that carries into the main show itself as we also get a Cardcaptore Sakura bit that’s just priceless, right down to the wand itself as it gets into things. With an episode title about selling out, it’s little surprise that they went for some of the more well known properties to have fun with all of this. Read More... //  

YuruYuri Season 2 Episode #05 Anime Review

The fun of the cast continues in the latest installment of Yuru Yuri and with it being a hot, lazy summer in Japan for it, it’s not a surprise to ese this cast deal with some of the usual struggles. Hot days are a theme this season and of course, being a hot summer where I am, it definitely resonates. Kyoko’s issue at the start when the AC won’t turn on because the batteries in her remote have died is priceless and pure Kyoko. Her race to the kitchen to bask in the fridge is a given, but she takes it further when it’s revealed that the reason the batteries are dead is because she took them for her alarm clock some time ago. It’s a simple picture of her nature in a short sequence. Read More... //  

YuruYuri Season 2 Episode #04 Anime Review

With the show continuing to move through the various configuration of the characters, I always like it when it comes back to the core four of the group and how they get along with each other. They have such a comfort level around each other that it’s cute to watch how they handle various situations and either mock or support each other. When it comes to the allergies at the start of the episode, it’s generally about support, but there’s ways you can do it with some mocking too, such as the tissue box that Kyoko sends along that really gets under Sugiura’s skin when she gets it and does a double take. Read More... //  

YuruYuri Season 2 Episode #03 Anime Review

With the first couple of episodes of the season out of the way, it’s easier to settle into the more "natural" feeling of the series since it’s so familiar after having a previous season. The characters continue to be a lot of fun in simple ways and it’s easy to gravitate towards particular ones depending on their personality. Having enjoyed the first season a lot, even if it was kind of hard to talk about at times, the second season really is just more of the same. Which does have them changing up the cast dynamic as usual as we get more than just the core group of slackers. Those core four are the ones I watch the series for through, and while I like the others to some degree, I haven’t really latched onto any of them. Read More... //  

YuruYuri Season 2 Episode #02 Anime Review

The return of Yuruyuri brought about more of the same, which for a show like this is a good thing. Giving us a dream version of Akari before and then having fun with the cast heading off to a ski and spa resort let us have a whole lot of silliness without much of anything in the way of angst or problems. Well, unless you were Kyoko and just wanted to get busy with so many of the girls you were around. The real fun was just in seeing Akari’s dream version of how she wants to be viewed and dealt with, showing us clearly that she just wants happy positive stuff all the time and no real stresses or problems she can’t handle. Which certainly says a lot about her in general, even as it was a whole heck of a lot of fun to watch. Read More... //  

YuruYuri Season 2 Episode #01 Anime Review

One of the shows that left me with a good bit of humor last summer was Yuru Yuri. When it was announced it would get a second season, I was pretty pleased, though I know it is just a fluffy show with some silly moments throughout it. The focus on a small group of girls that have made their own club in order to just hang out and do nothing while at school certainly has its appeal. The girls here are all fairly distinct in their own way, but they are basically archetypes, including the yuri inducing one. What’s changed this time around is that Akari isn’t the same wallflower she was as a first year but is now someone that’s a bit more known and her personality has grown to suit it. Read More... //  

Yuru Yuri Episode #03 Review

With the expansion in the cast in the previous episode that focused a bit on the student council characters, Yuru Yuri gets back to the core cast a bit as we have them having fun in their room while it deals mostly with Kyoko and her way of thinking. She’s continuing her cute and mild interest in Akari as her junior, but she’s still far more interested in dressing up Chinatsu than anyone else, which thankfully does continue to freak out Chinatsu. Kyoko is usually easily put in her place though which helps a lot since she’s not actually a hideously annoying character about it. She has her interests, but it’s more a cute angle than anything else rather than an obsessive need or something. Read More... //