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Z Nation Season 1 Review “Sisters of Mercy”

It took four episodes, but travelling crews of  Z Nation  finally reunited this week, with Addy and Mack meeting up with the main group before the title screen played. What followed was an episode that further dived into Abby’s fractured state of mind, as the “Sisters of Mercy” did their best to put her under their spell. At first, the all-female society was presented as a bit of a utopian one. Unlike the military base back in “Resurrection Z,” however, it was clear right away that there was something more ominous about the Sisters of Mercy. They weren’t as outright crazy as the cult Cassandra came from, but they were still a cult. However, the toned-down nature of their approach made it easy to see how Addy could be manipulated by their leader, especially given the fragile state she’s in.   Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2014/11/21/z-nation-season-1-review-sisters-mercy/