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Z Nation Season 1 Review “Die Zombie Die… Again”

After putting them on the back burner for two episodes,  Z Nation  returned focus to Addy and Mack, who’ve been trying to reunite with the group for a while now. When we last left the duo, they were on the outs over their difference of opinions over the mission, and “Die Zombie Die… Again” picked up with the tension between them more palpable than ever. It was interesting to see the show devote so much time to this pair, given that they’ve been fairly ill-defined so far, outside of being in a relationship. And while the duo have had a clear chemistry all season, it was nice to see the show address that that’s kind of the point. They’ve been together more as a defense mechanism than anything else, and the episode opens with a long conversation between the two where Addy questions what kind of life they could ever really have. It’s a great scene that does a solid job of fleshing out Addy’s worldview.  Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2014/11/07/z-nation-season-1-review-die-zombie-die/