Season 1

25 Episodes

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Season 1


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  • 25 episodes
    25 episodes
    • s1e25The last battle! The end of Karuma
    • s1e24Come back to life Zenki! Flame formation
    • s1e23Goula the traitor
    • s1e22Guardian village destroyed. Water formation
    • s1e21The pentagram shrines in the ancient capital
    • s1e20Heian capital up in flames. Come, golden axe!
    • s1e19The two Chiakis. 800-year promise
    • s1e18The golden dragon awakens
    • s1e17The servant of evil falls. Anju's longest day
    • s1e16The spell of darkness. Souma vs Anju
    • s1e15The plan of sealing up the guardian spirit
    • s1e14Reveal Zenki's secret
    • s1e13The challenge of the wishing plaques
    • s1e12Memories buried in the snow
    • s1e11The night song of the samurai
    • s1e10A boy and his dogs
    • s1e9A demon in the basement and the fire spell
    • s1e8Welcome to Hotel Mummy
    • s1e7Run for the finish line of desire
    • s1e6The boy and the telephone
    • s1e5Tastes like fresh Zenki
    • s1e4The pot filled with desire
    • s1e3Shut in by the shutter
    • s1e2Karuma the demon and her three demon disciples
    • s1e1The fierce guardian spirit awakens