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Zero Hour Series Premiere Review: Anyone Know What We Just Watched?

ABC's new thriller is 40-something minutes of brain trauma that deserves a second look just to see where the madness goes. //

'Zero Hour' Review: It's Time for an Adventure

Are you a fan of Dan Brown's conspiracy novels like The Da Vinci Code  or James Rollins' Sigma Force  series? If yes, then you should check out ABC's new drama Zero Hour  premiering tonight. It's a mystery that intertwines the Nazi and religious past with a present day terrorist threat and the possible end of the world. //

'Zero Hour' review: Anthony Edwards is on the clock in ABC's preposterous 'Da Vinci Code'-esque drama

Say this for "Zero Hour": It is not cookie-cutter television.ABC's new drama, premiering at 8 p.m. ET Thursday (Feb. 14), is a sprawling conspiracy thriller in the mode of "The Da Vinci Code" that involves Nazis, a secretive sect charged with saving the world, an abduction and clocks. Especially clocks.The series opens in Germany in 1938, where the secretive order of Rosicrucians -- "Christian mystics," as they're described later -- tries to stay a step ahead of the Nazis by pulling what looks like a giant coffin from a watery berth under a church. Members of their order have discovered that the Nazis have figured out a way to create human life without childbirth, which is a signal of the end times. Meanwhile, a dozen clockmakers in their employ are hard at work on their timepieces.Cut to present-day Brooklyn. Hank Galliston (Anthony Edwards, in his first series since "ER"), the editor of Modern Skeptic magazine,... //

Review: ABC's 'Zero Hour' isn't quite terrible enough

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "Zero Hour," the new ABC drama starring Anthony Edwards as a reporter investigating a mystery involving evil Nazi clocks. //