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The Wire

The Wire is a novel for television, and that is what made it so great. Lets start with the characters: Mcnulty, Bunk, Bubbles, Stringer, Avon, Omar and so many more I cannot even name because this show has too many great characters. You know how great the show is from the 3rd episode when you see Deangelo teaching the boys the "chess game" of life. From then on its just perfect television. The story telling, the connections, and the reality of all of it made it truly great for the people who care about quality television.

Cougar Town

Most people originally were scared away by the extremely stupid title, however if you were a fan of Scrubs then this is a show for you. Once Bill Lawrence figured out what this show should be it really took off and became one of the quirkiest and most interesting shows around. The cast had some of the best chemistry I have ever seen on television and it really made the show funny and enjoyable. Also their inter network love for another great show, Community, was one of the funniest overlaps in television history. I really love Cougar Town and I recommend it to anyone.


The ultimate "bro" show is also a show that had more holes than than a mesh shirt. At the end of the day my buddy matt said it best when he said Entourage is Sex and the City for guys. This show will always have a place in my heart however it will never be one of the best shows ever.