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The Blacklist

This show is the NBC equivalent of BBC's Sherlock in terms of addict-ability. The Blacklist is full of drama and suspense enough to make you hold your breath, shout at your t.v. and groan once it's over because all you want is more. A big "thank you" to Netflix for putting all of the first season's 22 episodes but also #*%( you Netflix because now I have no life outside of watching The Blacklist to get ready for whatever season 2 may bring.


Witty and unpredictable. Sherlock keeps you guessing and, every time you think you know what's coming, something even more unexpected happens. This show will keep you on the edge of your seat and keep you coming back for more. The only downside is how long we have to wait between seasons but it gives you time to watch it several times before the next season.

Witches of East End

"Witches" is like a less trampy, more put together version of HBO's True Blood on a smaller budget. Sure the special effects aren't phenomenal, but for a Lifetime show "Witches" thoroughly exceeded my expectations.