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Step 1 is Admitting You Have a Problem. Hello,my name is~*~ Slim Sh**zel`* I am TelaVisaHolc!!!! My "Prob", I LOVVVEEE TV, Movies, Comedy Specials, You Name IT-- I Watch IT! With Exception of Almost ALL Reality TV (with the RARE exceptions of REDNECK Island (yeah -know - 'cuz!!, JACKASS - the Original MTv Show - 'cuz my Oranges {luv ya Lisa] told me they were really like that at the start.) if ya Know me you know I say...."I Work in a Reality TV Show!! Love2AllMYHares!!



Bong Appetit

This show has expanded my knowledge and belief in the medicinal and magical benefits of this wonderful flower!! I had no idea how many culinary tricks can be used - to include herbs into your meals. This info can go father - into healing and use of ingredients that works to help our bodies and minds. Plus, it is fun too see the different guests. As the host says - you never can guess what can lead to a job & have you make a living!!

Family Tree

This was just not my cup of tee. I watched maybe the first two episodes and could not make it any further.

This Is Us

I can never get enough. It amazes me how the multi-layered story and time lines interweave to keep you wanting more and more. Just enough of a hint, while retaining the drama of the never-ending cliffhanger, - until the puzzle comes together to amaze you with the entire picture of such heart-soring humanity. It is a wonderful look into what potential humanity has. and, holding out to see it in real life.Writing like this, being able to be as creative as this & to put it into a form that not only entertains, but inspires!