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CJ Muscat-Meyer

i love to watch crime, medical and drama's they are fabulous.. I love looking for new crime, medical and drama's when i can so it gives me more things to watch when i am in bed!!!!

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Criminal Minds

CRIMINAL MINDS!! It absolutely fantastic! It blows my mind every week, every episode and it gives me butterflies. If I liked the word bae I would say this is my bae but I'm gonna say it's awesome! The chemistry between each of the characters is on point and each character is played by the right person and they all play it well I LOVE it so much. Every holidays i will rewatch the series that has been on and then i will watch odd episodes at random because each episode is just mind blowingly awesome. Anyone who doesn't like this is crazy!!!

The 100

A good TV show to watch. If it gets cancelled I really don't know what I would do because I save it until Summer. This is my Summer Show. Woooo!!!! Plus its just too cool

Almost Human

Only just started watching it after having it on my Track list since it came out. It takes a while to get into it but it is still worth the watch. It is very different to other things I have seen