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Jennifer Aldana


The Flash


The Flash is a cool show about a young man that after being struck by lightning finds out that he has superpowers and becomes a superhero.
Fall in love with Barry Allan! Fall in love with one of the cutests superhero!



Scandal has the perfect combination of romance, mystery and drama.
Olivia Pope and her "gladiators in suits" will try to solve all kinds of Scandals.
Oh let's not forget that Olivia has complete access to The White House. Well... The President of The United States and her are very "good friends" (If you know what I mean).
Once again, Shonda Rhimes has proven that we love drama.

Enjoy the show and be part of the Scandal!!

CSI: Cyber


CSI: Cyber.
The new spin-off of CSI is fantastic. This series introduces us to a kind of crime: the cyber crime. It is such an interesting series and has a great plot. Also, the wonderful Patricia Arquette is one of the main protagonists.

Besides as internet users, we can learn to be careful. And we can learn that anyone can be a victim of internet fraud.
I really love this series

Black Box


Black box is about an amazing neurologist named Kelly Reilly. she is not only able to help most of her patients but also she is great at understanding what they are going through since she's hiding her own bipolar disorder.