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I have never watched a show I could whole-heartedly relate too before. Yay for black writers & directors! This is beyond amazing! The storylines are so real and hilarious and have such a strong black voice. Even the music is perfect. Highlight of my week. Love the insecuritea podcast also. Phenomenal.

She's Gotta Have It

In all of my life never have I fallen so truly, madly, deeply in love with a show before. I was taken right from the start, falling deeper with every episode. The writing is exceptional, it's cinematically beyond beautiful, the acting, the playlist... everything is just so phenomenal I can't believe it. It's a true gift. It's changed my life. Nola darling, is a portrayal of a happy whole rounded bisexual black goddess living her best life and sure of herself. This is an inspiration to any artist, creative or person who wants to live their best life, loving themselves and making a difference of some kind. The messages were so powerful, the characters all were so layered. African art and culture displayed in such a glorious way. This show has touched my very core. It's made my soul so happy in a way I can't even describe. I can just go on and on and on. I'm devastated I've nearly finished binging it, I'm going to replay again and again.
SEASON 2 needs to be already coming into existence. This is everything. This needs to become the black women's sex and the city with a million seasons. PLEASE.


LOVE IT! Gripping! Love seeing practising muslims shown in a positive light! Beautiful actors, great writing.. Addicted.