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According to Jim

If someone asks me what is my favourite sitcom I just type in google or youtube:According to Jim Livingroom Fight and show it to them! NO MORE EXPLAINING NEEDED


To define the series I'll ask u :do you watch Family Guy,Futurama,Simpsons,American Dad,South park ? Remember how those series got u laughing when they came out ?Then this is something for u .Brickleberry is shocking and yet so funny ,to describe it the best way I'd say :There is nothing like it on TV ,it grows on u ,it has and unique charm lie Futurama and it saddens me to see it another gr8 show cancelled.So who is next? South Park :(

I've watched the last episode ever(hopefully not),my friend saw it by accident and he fell in love like everyone of us.Comedy Central there's a lot of people that don't eaven know about the show so how do you want to get better rating?Fire your ADVERTISING TEAM cuz it sucks.

Haters Back Off

It's one of those shows that you don't get through the first episode #untrack