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Stranger Things


5 episodes in, loving every minute :) time is disappearing.
Theorising all the way and changing theories as the show changes.
And the nice way it plays with D&D / RPG themes.

But it's almost 1am and will have to leave the next 3 episodes for tomorrow.
As long as they don't find a way to ruin the ending it'll be keeping the 5 stars.

Note; I can be quite easy to please with tv shows,
If I enjoy something it will easily get 3-4 stars out of me,
Only a few of the ones I give 5's to I'll go out of the way to recommend in a review.

Do it, marathon this on netflix - now.



Pitty to see this cancelled/completed.
Was a fun little town filled with inventors is inventions going wrong.
Great cast, if you haven't seen it yet, give it a chance and watch it now.


Marathoned 1-10, yep this is funny and worth a watch.
So many great lines :D



If you like New Girl you should give this show a go.
Same kind of humor but different scenery.

Orphan Black


A show you can't truly review without giving away spoilers.
It's good, just trust me, watch a few episodes - it will be worth sticking around to unravel the mysteries.



Overall I Liked it,
The Mystery was enjoyable and Acting was alright,
The story ends with a opening for a second season but does not feel necessay.
If there is another, I'll be back to see how it goes.

Acting may not be amazing, but it is BBC, and not poor enough to ruin the show.
I admit the NewZealand accent can get a bit use to hearing and i faind that lowers my perception of the acting. (I was born there lol)

The Story did not stagnate and get boring to me and my sister, more the opposite we wanted to see how it ends.

(Minor Spoilers Warning)

It could have done with one more episode to cover more backgroud or to have Budgies walk through walls for longer.

A few times Kyle makes repeated stupid choices just because he "has to" talk to her again, so the writing could have been better, but again I didn't find it that aweful.

(Minor Spoilers Warning)

It was nice to hear the books were being developed for screen again,
I've read the books and seen the movie, so I had a middle ground expectation.
A PG rated show on kids TV with less experienced actors, Results weren't great but there is some hope... I hope.

It's only a 6 episode season So I'd still recommend giving it a try,
But lower your expectations, don't expect character backgrounds or major book events to go unchanged.
Personally I will be giving it a second chance on the next season, but it will have to work hard to impress me.

The Story is there but I hope the writing improves,
Small changes are fine and expected but stop the changes to major events.

A to Z


Would it have been that hard to let the show have the 2 seasons to get to Z.
A to M was to me a nice romantic comedy that didn't need to be and wasn't serious.

No Activity


This is ok, if I didn't see the Aussie one first. The AU version is better and I feel the dry humor lands better.



First Season was a bit slow and acting was substandard but it was still a good story.
The second season really picks it back up and makes the show worth watching.
Hoping to see this get a Third season.