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Not just a Kids Show

8 Shows

Aimed at kids but I think they are worth a watch anyway, to break up the monotony of too many serious shows in a row



Stranger Things

5 episodes in, loving every minute :) time is disappearing.
Theorising all the way and changing theories as the show changes.
And the nice way it plays with D&D / RPG themes.

But it's almost 1am and will have to leave the next 3 episodes for tomorrow.
As long as they don't find a way to ruin the ending it'll be keeping the 5 stars.

Note; I can be quite easy to please with tv shows,
If I enjoy something it will easily get 3-4 stars out of me,
Only a few of the ones I give 5's to I'll go out of the way to recommend in a review.

Do it, marathon this on netflix - now.


Pitty to see this cancelled/completed.
Was a fun little town filled with inventors is inventions going wrong.
Great cast, if you haven't seen it yet, give it a chance and watch it now.

Marathoned 1-10, yep this is funny and worth a watch.
So many great lines :D