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The Casual Vacancy

Great, quirky, wierd, spooky, brilliant. I need to read this book! The music was perfectly combined to the scenes. All the acting and filing was superb and spot on. I was glad to see actors i grew up with in a totally new light proving how great they are. JK Rowling proved she knows how to tell a story for adults and not just kids.

Body of Proof

I understand how the tv land works, but this show did not need to be canceled. There were many stories yet to be explored and a lot to be resolved. That being said, I think they jumped the gun on some of their plot lines. Killing off the most likely love interest before anything happens is the easiest way to lose an audience nowadays.


Amazing show. The acting and stories were on point, making the myths come to life and suck me into the ancient world. I was sad to see it canceled.