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Elise Favia

Hello everyone! Just finished college (studying math, comp sci, dance, & music). I love my tv shows! I'm very into crime/medical dramas and comedies, medical shows, and still have my guilty pleasure shows. I'm currently (slowly but surely) binge watching the entire CSI and MCU TV universes, along with keeping up with all my current shows. I hope you guys find my lists helpful in discovering new shows to watch and knowing which ones to avoid.

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Don't Mention to Me

11 Shows

Shows I loved to watch at some point (or at least checked out), but can no longer watch due to what He Who Shall Not Be Named did to me. A guy who meant the world to me…

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6 Shows

Shows that were cancelled, and then uncancelled, either by the same network or saved by another.

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My top 10 favorite shows (that are still running).

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I loved chuck so much! But the ending was not okay :/ I'm still so upset. I hope the movie happens!


A classic! Had a a nice long run and the ending is very satisfying. The acting is great, along with the script. Tony Shalhoub really brings Adrian Monk to life!


I just watched the entirety of this series over the last few days. I now understand what all the fuss was about when it was cancelled! It shouldn't have been! Excellent writing, interesting premise, great acting and chemistry... the list goes on and on! Really wish it hadn't been cancelled, as it is easily one of the best series I've ever seen. Truly unique and a true gem!