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What the ever loving fuck is this shit? The acting is HORRIBLE. I'm extremely disappointed as I love Mortal Instruments books and the movie, but this just makes me what to gouge my eyes out. I struggled to even make it through the first episode and definitely won't be watching the rest. GOOD LORD.


One of THE best period dramas ever, in my opinion. I can easily binge watch this over and over. Definitely can't wait for the next season, that's for sure.

The Last Ship

I wasn't sure about this show to begin with. The premise was great, but really, how interesting could things be on just a ship? I have to admit I was extremely impressed with how the writers progressed the plot. Season 1 was great, but season 2 was even better. I really hope that this doesn't start down hill because each episode grabs my attention, holds onto it, and leaves me wanting more when it ends.