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The Exorcist

Words cannot come close to describing how much I love this show. I love it beyond reasonable measure, I really do. Creepy, tense, terrifying and I adored every second. The two priests are fantastic, the chemistry between the two actors makes the whole series. And that's not to say the rest of the cast wasn't fantastic, they really were.
FOX you better not mess with yet another of my favourite shows, I don't think I can take it again :(

Stranger Things

The single best sheriff in a TV series or movie evaaaaaaaaaaaah! I love him so much. This series is amazing. It's like all the best parts of my childhood smooshed together into something even greater than the sum of its parts. I don't usually OMG, but in this case I have to: Oh My Gaaaawwwwd!!


Holy *bleep*! How *bleep*ing amazing was this show? Really, really *bleep*ing amazing! Dark, tense, sexy, holy wow. Gonna have to watch it again... a few times...