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5 Stars = ****ing Fantastic Television 4.5 Stars = Amazing Television 4 Stars = Excellent Television 3.5 Stars = Good Television 3 Stars = Decent Television 2.5 Stars = Rather not watch but could potentially stomach 1 - 2 Stars = Bad Television 0.5 Stars = Should have never made it to Television



S01 - 5 Stars
S02 - 4.5 Stars
S03 - 5 Stars
S04 - 4 Stars
S05 - 4 Stars
S06 - 5 Stars
S07 - 4.5 Stars
S08 - 4 Stars
S09 - 4 Stars

American Horror Story is a revolutionary show that touches completely different subjects season by season keeping most of the same cast. The show has just the right amount of horror, fantasy, drama and thrill to keep you on the edge of your seat. I always look forward to watching and i recommend everyone give this show a try.


This show is epic. Supernatural is an action fantasy horror drama involving two brothers fighting their way through ghosts, demons, angels and the foulest creatures known to the paranormal community. The storyline gets better and better, incorporating paranormal lore and ancient legends and myths. The "Windchesters" story is one of loss, pain, courage, loyalty, perseverance, faith and strength. I recommend this show to paranormal action drama fanatics.

Game of Thrones

This show is a great collection of action, drama, fantasy and diverse story-lines. There is a lot going on in this show and it is not recommending for people with ADHD. The story is well written, the actors are well cast and above average in execution. The fantasy aspect of this series if very well shown through magnificent sets, beautiful backdrops and a functioning wardrobe. The plot twists and turns when you least expect it... something devastating always happens. Every season gets better and better. If you like a show that has courage and that will keep you on the edge of your seat, this is the show for you.