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Attack on Titan

it a damn good series one of the best of the year. while i'll be the first admit going from the comic their are little differences other then that it is only a little bit ahead and some of what you learn there on the anime are a little streamlined then what you find out in the manga. the translation from one to another is really great. the characters are really great their development was really good .their no character that not well drawn out and has his or her own voice. it a great anime please please watch it

F is for Family

It is a really good family it not for kids but it a great quick watch

cooking and adventure usually does not go hand and hand but i really like the fact that i got that with this series. the format is this each episode features two dishes both you can make it real life through unless you live near a Asian supermarket it would be hard. the other part is you meet the character who is eating the food sometimes you found out about their family life and many times through the series you found out that characters are connected and wow the ending gives you surprise that it really great. i would say it a must have to watch series.