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First time actually writing a review, but I couldn't resist... I don't care if this series is based on a true story or not but wow.... the pilot was amazing.... it was like watching an action movie in 40 minutes... can't wait to watch the rest...


Having read the reviews I didn't watch the show at the time of its airing. Having binge watched it during the Covid-19 mess we're all in ... I must say I regret not having watched the show earlier. Hayley Atwell brings to life a very real character that is not always seen on TV. At first glance her character is the vapid, troubled, arrogant and seemingly entitled woman you would expect. But Atwell brought a lot of depth to the character, the caring and big-hearted human being was shown behind the strong facade of her scandals. Even the final episode was great... at personal cost she chose to act seemingly callously so she can prevent one of her team being fired. It's a shame. I wish there was more than 13 episodes.

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With limited time I usually pick and choose what I watch and the order I watch which means I more often than not take the editors of sidereel and their opinions in to account.
With a review to Pan I was hesitant but it's the Wachowski's. So I binge watched this. It was AMAZING. Cultures are well represented, walks of live, sexual orientation etc. so much diversity but the storyline is solid. Indian and Korean talent was surprisingly well represented by guest stars and cast.
DO NOT REGRET watching this at all. Can't wait for a second season. Frankly I enjoyed this more than Cloud Atlas. 5/5