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Sons of Anarchy

This show is just epic!!! My night of good tv would normally include ANTM, Dance Moms, OITNB is one of my faves but im a big fan of girly shows or teen dramas. I watch a lot of shows with my bf that I don't consider my favorites but I watch them and even enjoy them but wouldn't consider them something I love but this is honestly one of my all time favourite shows ever!!! I thought oh another guy show when he mentioned seeing a couple episodes at a friends and that I should download them(he knows nothing about downloading or streaming or anything) so I started with the first season. A couple episodes in I was hooked. by the time we started watching it was 5 seasons in. I had every episode downloaded and ready to go before the third night. we spent our days with our kids then our nights like drug addicts holed up in our room watching SOA until daylight then saying omg we need to go to sleep.. I don't think I slept more than three hrs a night until we finished all of them. Then played the waiting game until the new season... It was so frustrating I had every season preordered before it came out after that and now have the show on both DVD and the bluray collectors edition.. We have everything SOA even my baby girl had a onesie. It's safe to say we're SOA obsessed and its so sad that the show is over. I cried like a baby when it ended. It was amazing and im not normally into shows like that but just the way they didn't just do drugs and gun running there were personal relationships forming and all the bad stuff mixed in with it.
I don't even know how to describe it other than it was just an amazing show that no one will ever be able to make another like it. Kurt Sutter is Amazing! And Jax and Opie I loved them so much!!! Gemma she was the best "Old Lady" u could have (as long as u didn't screw her over) and as much as I liked Tara once she got a spine a couple seasons in I wanted Wendy to stay clean and be Jax's Ride or Die! 7 seasons wasn't enough of them...

Hannah Montana

Before the twerking me and my daughter who was 5/6 at the time would sit down every night after her bath and watch an episode of something from the Disney channel before reading a book and bedtime. More often than not it was Hannah Montana... We've seen every episode and I can honestly say I liked Miley pre twerky tongue as I like to call her. I thought she had incredible talent and could have been an amazing actress! At least Emily Osment has a show of her own that seems to be good and she did something positive with her Disney channel roots. Don't get me wrong I like rap and im not a prude. I liked mike Will made it. I just think she could be more. She doesn't need to do the whole look at me be a nut case thing. I think she could have been amazing. I still like her just not as much...

The Walking Dead

My daughter decided she was going to watch this without thinking she may not be allowed at her age. She kept talking about how good it was so finally I turned it on just to see if it was appropriate or if I should make her stop watching and I got hooked. Then I got her dad hooked lol im not a big zombie fan but i love it!